CIA fight publication of ex-FBI agents September 11 book

By Jennifer Lipman, August 26, 2011

Two of the United States' security agencies are fighting over the publication of a book, co-authored by a Jewish writer, about the September 11 attacks.

The book "The Black Banners: The Inside Story of 9/11 and the War Against al-Qaida" is due to be published on September 12.

Based on the experiences of former FBI counter-terrorism agent Ali Soufan during the war on terror, it has been co-written by New York-based security consultant Daniel Freedman.

Mr Freedman is the director of strategy and policy analysis at the Soufan Group.

Mr Soufan and Mr Freedman are facing calls from the CIA to cut sections of the book, which are said to accuse the CIA of withholding information about the hijackers from the FBI.

The first print version of the book will incorporate the requested cuts, but a spokesman for the publisher said that if the authors successfully challenge the CIA an unredacted version will be published.

Last updated: 2:15pm, August 26 2011