Hotel of the week

Castello del Nero, Tuscany

By Anthea Gerrie, May 23, 2015

It's everything you'd expect of a 5-star hotel in Tuscany. Castello del Nero offers the 12th-century bones of a noble residence, adapted for modern comfort while preserving ancient features like beams and old brick floors.


NYLO New York

By Stephen Pollard, May 14, 2015

I've tried Downtown, Midtown and the Upper East, but my heart belongs to the Upper West.

And despite New York City's reputation for hotel prices as high as the skyscrapers, I maintain that if you look sensibly you can find seriously good value.


The Landmark London

By Victoria Prever, May 8, 2015

As he leapt to open our car, I wondered if ours was the most meh door the doorman had opened this year.


London Bridge Hotel

By Barry Toberman, April 30, 2015

Having discovered that the hotel is no more than a two-minute saunter from the tube and, more importantly, the culinary smorgasbord that is Borough Market, we were well up for our capital getaway. And enthusiasm was not diminished on reaching our fourth-floor accommodation.


Z Hotel

By Anthea Gerrie, April 23, 2015

Is "affordable luxury" just another way of saying "no frills"?I pondered this when crossing London's busy City Road late at night in search of a pack of the tissues not provided in my room at the Z Shoreditch. Yet this was a room billed as coming equipped with toiletries - for which read "one bog-standard little tube of shower gel-cum-shampoo".


Beaumont Hotel

By Anthea Gerrie, April 2, 2015

A century after Mr Selfridge opened his emporium, top-drawer elegance has returned to Oxford Street with what may be London's most beautiful new boutique hotel.

Avoiding the tourist tat shops, cross over from Selfridges' main entrance and head down Balderton Street till a robot stops you in your tracks.


Bristol Hotel

By John Belknap, March 26, 2015

It's a nice surprise to find a comfort-able, stylish - and affordable - hotel right in the midle of a town centre.

The Bristol Hotel was the city's first modern hotel, built in 1960, alongside its Floating Harbour. Around the same time the harbour was regenerated and emerged as a tourist area - but not in the usual tacky sense. The area is attractive, busy and fun. And very close by.


Sofitel Santa Clara

By Jennifer Lipman, March 19, 2015

When in Cartagena you are never far from music, colour and commotion. Yet staying at the Santa Clara in the city's San Diego district is the polar opposite; a calm, relaxed oasis.

Opened 20 years on the site of a former convent where confession boxes are dotted about, its Cloister restaurant serves considerably more lavish fare than the former inhabitants would have enjoyed.


Mottram Hall

By Anthea Gerrie, March 12, 2015

You may not get to bend the ear of Beckham, but Mottram Hall is one of the few places you could find yourself rubbing shoulders with the stars of Manchester United and Manchester City.


Plaza Athenee

By Anthea Gerrie, March 5, 2015

Is the Plaza Athenee really the best hotel in Paris?