Think you know Israel? Some unexpected suggestions for the seasoned tourist

July 3, 2015

Many readers have such a strong connection to Israel that they hold all their simchas there or regularly nip over to visit friends and family. Yet this tiny land has lots more to offer your inner tourist, so why not mix it up and try something different? Here are our suggestions:

Adventures in the Golan


How to stay out of trouble when abroad

June 29, 2015

Last week a Brit was jailed forposing naked on a sacred mountain in Malaysia. It wasn't that long ago that a couple kissing publicly in Dubai faced a similar fate.

Indeed if you even swear on Whats-App while in the Emirates you could be fined £45,000. And if you are contemplating debauched drunken behaviour in Magaluf this summer you may end up forking out €3,000 for the privilege.


Crystal-clear memories of Ireland

By Rosa Doherty, June 25, 2015

As a child I was dragged year after year on a two-week summer holiday to Ireland where it rained often. I bemoaned my parents for choosing our "cheap and boring holiday" while classmates jetted off to sunny climes.


Lords of the Ringstrasse: 150 years of Vienna's grand boulevard

By Beverley D’Silva, June 20, 2015

Last month Vienna hosted the Life Ball, an Aids benefit and Europe's biggest charity event. The streets around City Hall were rammed with revellers, dressed as fantasy creatures, angels and fairies daubed in gold (this year's theme) like Klimt paintings. The festivities, crazy music and transgender catwalk shows went on beyond the early hours.


A view to dine for

June 15, 2015


Forget cocktails in a hammock, instead go for a lofty lunch in the Treehouse of the Viceroy Maldives. As well as a view overlooking the Indian Ocean, you can enjoy a meze or simply sip your favourite tipple as the sun sets.



Bullet-riddled buildings and locals who aren’t afraid to mention the war

By Anthea Gerrie, June 15, 2015

Had Archduke Franz Ferdinand kept his date with the Chief Rabbi of Sarajevo, the First World War might never have been. Such is the city's legacy, given its position at the crossroads of Europe, with tensions that have brought this east-meets-west metropolis much more than its fair share of suffering.


A royal tour of New Zealand

May 28, 2015



St Helena: Home of Saints

By Liz Gill, May 25, 2015

Some visitors go to St Helena for the hiking, some for the fishing, the diving, the wildlife or the connections with Napoleon. And some go simply because this is one of the most isolated places on earth.


Dublin's got the craic

May 18, 2015

Dublin's funky nightlife, the Irish craic (fun), its special brew - Guinness - its literary heritage and its dividing Liffey river can now be enjoyed during a Glatt kosher nine-day tour.


Prague: Footsteps of Kafka

By Harry Wall, May 16, 2015

In most cities of the world, you need to do some research to find the places of Jewish interest. Not so in Prague, where among the most popular tourist attractions are also Jewish sites: Josefov, Prague's Jewish Quarter, and anything connected to the writer Franz Kafka.