Bold and beautiful in the Baltics

By Andy Mossack, October 3, 2008

Pastel-pretty Riga is rich in Jewish history. Go, before it gets as popular as Prague.

You know of course, begins the shammas of Peitav, Riga's only surviving synagogue, "that this shul did not get burned down by the Nazis only because the church next door is so close.

"So instead, they used it as a stable for their horses." My gaze followed his pointing finger towards the fabulous gold-embossed Ark: "Luckily, we managed to hide the Ark and all the Torah scrolls before they got here."


Nappy days in Israel’s Red Sea paradise

By Juliet Errington, October 3, 2008

After 10 months of changing nappies and recovering from the shock of parenthood (that it is a darn sight harder than they let on in the movies), my husband and I decided to take the plunge and book our first family holiday abroad.

Since every new parent we knew said we should expect to wait about 20 years before a holiday became as restful as it was pre-baby, we prepared ourselves for the worst - early-morning wake-ups and food and babysitter issues. But I am thrilled to report that our week in Eilat was just the ticket for a couple with a baby in tow.


Top break with toys, tinies and teddies

September 24, 2008

Almost exactly a year ago, my husband and I announced the birth of our darling first-born daughter in the JC. I'm therefore delighted to use the same paper to announce our latest arrival. But this time we're adopting - and it's a bear called Huggie.


Borneo: Where the wild things are

By Kate Wickers, September 19, 2008

We ogle the orangutans and other beasts in Borneo

I decided that my three small boys - Josh, seven, Ben, five, and Freddie, two -were far too fidgety (not to mention noisy) for a safari. But I liked the idea of a holiday that involved wildlife and adventure. Borneo, which instantly conjures up images of headhunting tribes, vast jungles shrouded in mist and, of course, the original wild man himself, the magnificent orangutan, was the obvious choice.


Gibraltar: A new look at a Rock legend

By Jeannine Williamson, September 12, 2008

We discover that the little bit of Britain on the Med has new cool cred

Dominated by a towering and unmistakable mass of limestone, Gibraltar might not seem the most obvious choice as a romantic hideaway. But it was where John Lennon and Yoko Ono chose to tie the knot, Sean Connery got married twice - in 1962 and 1975 - and fellow James Bond actor Roger Moore honeymooned. And whilst some people might also consider it an odd choice as a holiday destination, its inherent quirkiness is all part of its charm.


Free flights, cruises and walk awaydays

By Lucy Miller, September 4, 2008


A touch of Parisian style

By York Membery, September 4, 2008

The year 1608 might not mean much to most Brits but it has a special place in Quebeckers' hearts. For it was the year that the French explorer Samuel de Champlain landed in Quebec City - hence the lavish year-long 400th anniversary celebrations.

So what better time to visit a city -- named after the Algonquin Indian phrase for "where the river narrows" - which regards itself as the heart and soul of French Canada (even if Montreal, 140 miles upstream, might beg to differ).


Spa-studded and stately

By Gerald Jacobs, August 28, 2008

Budapest is dazzling, but there's more to Hungary than just its capital

Just a block or so from the Astoria Hotel, you can see the city has real character. Along the main avenues, groups of people exchange animated gestures and conversation. Down the side-streets, old men sit on doorsteps, their creased, lugubrious faces veiled by cigarette-smoke. Presiding over all this sits the grand, historic synagogue, one of the most magnificent temples of Jewish worship anywhere on earth.


Tunisia: An island fling in Djerba

By Dana Gloger, August 21, 2008

We find cocktails, culture and a very unusual festival in Tunisia

Given the current state of our summer, it is reassuring to know that in just two and a half hours you could be basking on a beautiful African beach. And given that that beach is in Tunisia, where the temperatures tend to stay high throughout the year, you could top-up your tan any time in the year.


Israel: Staying on the right track

By Nathan Jeffay, August 14, 2008

We find some great days out by train to lure you away from the poolside

Thanks to Israel's fast-improving rail network, which now transports almost two million passengers a month, tourists with even a minimal sense of adventure can leave their poolside for a great day out without having to suffer sweltering bus stations, drivers on short fuses or baffling road signs.