Palm Springs: spring loaded

February 2, 2012

Sipping a cocktail in the lounge of the Esmerelda Rennaissance golf resort at the base of the Santa Rosa mountains in Indian Wells, everything seemed reassuringly calm. But when a glamorous girl in a tight red dress and a handsome man in tow beamed "I've won, I've won sixty thousand dollars," the tempo rose somewhat.


Carry on camping

By Martin Bright, January 26, 2012

It's at least three decades since I stayed in a caravan.


The draw of Picasso

By Jessica Elgot, January 19, 2012

Most tourists can't get out of Malaga fast enough. They take a cheap flight to the airport, hire a car and head for the Costa Del Sol. Cruise passengers hop off at the port, many on to a waiting tour bus, to take them on to Grenada.


Paris: Hopping to the shops

By Jan Shure, January 12, 2012

Paris, as every woman knows, is synonymous with fashion.


All white to ski here

By Ivor Baddiel, January 5, 2012

The front page headline of the paper screams, "It's snow-go on Europe's dry ski runs".


Having a not so riotous experience in Athens

By Angela Epstein, December 29, 2011

So here's the conundrum: a chance arises to grab a much needed mini-break but my husband and I have conflicting wish lists. My perfect tick-box break has to include stunning architecture, an abundance of history, perhaps a dash of Jewish culture, the rattle and hum of a vibrant city. He wants a sun lounger with back support, decent weather and a sea view.



Spa retreats in splendid scenery

By Sharron Livingston, December 15, 2011

Isle of Eriska Spa & Golf

On the small, secluded Eriska island on the west coast of Scotland north of Oban. It nestles on a rift valley created by cataclysmic upheavals that took place 600 million years ago. The island is virtually a nature reserve, with nature trails and seals, otters, badgers and roe deer all around.



The Seychelles: nature's Eden project

By Sharron Livingston, December 8, 2011

Nothing unearths that feeling of being at one with the world more than a beautiful view, especially if that view has Jurassic origins.


How the world remembers

December 1, 2011

For those seeking Jewish history, the story of the Jewish people has extended far and wide to touch many cultures and nations.


Around the world in eight races

By Simon Maurice, November 24, 2011

● DAYTONA 500 - Florida, USA

When: February

Why go: Remember Days of Thunder, or Disney's CARS? Well that's NASCAR - the good ol' boys getting down and dirty in packs of 30 at a mere 200mph.

The Daytona 500 in February is NASCAR's jewel in the crown.