Enjoy a Vegas wedding

By Barry Toberman, February 17, 2014
The happy-ish couple and their guests

The happy-ish couple and their guests

We do love a simchah. And many also quite enjoy a flutter. So if in Vegas for the latter, why not take in a wedding? Or to be precise, Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding. OK, so the nuptials are fictitious, being the focal point of the long-running show, which is currently playing in Vegas’s Bally’s hotel. But such is the audience participation of “guests” that the distinction between real and fake begins to blur the moment you are seated at your table by one of the actors (and yes the ticket includes a wedding dinner). Although the less-than-happy couple are Italian American, the similarities with a Jewish wedding are manifold. There are the relatives from the two sides who, to put it mildly, do not get on; the guests whose connection to the bride or groom is, at best, tenuous; and those for whom even a small quantity of alcohol can produce unfortunate if hilarious behaviour. As the proceedings become ever more chaotic (did I forget to mention the stripper, the inebriated clergyman and the risque kosher compere?) the main characters wander among the tables to check on guest enjoyment and to air a variety of wedding-related grievances. They may even whisk you on to the dance-floor, as was the case with my other half. And there is also a Facebook page for those embarrassing snapshots. Tony N’ Tina’s union may be as crumbly as the wedding cake you are served. But you will be glad to have shared their big day.


Last updated: 3:26pm, February 17 2014