Champagne and port

By Jan Shure, September 24, 2008

On Sunday I drank Champagne; on Monday I sank Margaritas; on Tuesday I sipped more Champagne; on Wednesday I drank a Kir Royale; on Thursday I consumed a Cosmopolitan. And on Shabbat, aside from Kiddush wine in the lounge set aside for a Shabbat evening service, I allowed my liver a rest.

If there is one thing that is emphatically not missing from an up-scale, all inclusive cruise, it is Champagne and cocktails - or, indeed, any other kind of tipple that tickles your taste buds.


Wave farewell to the Queen

By Vivien Creegor, June 13, 2008

We cruise on QE2 before the ship drops anchor for the last time

I have wanted to go to Australia for more than 20 years but my husband wasn’t so keen. I think the idea of getting on and off internal flights and checking in and out of hotels put him off. So when we heard the QE2 would be hanging up her sails in 2008, and found that her final world cruise itinerary featured a Sydney to Singapore segment, we realised we could get a snapshot of Australia’s main cities in comfort with no packing and unpacking of bags.


Cruise lovers, your ship has come in

By Kate Collins, February 22, 2008


The Caribbean: So glad I pushed the boat out

By Jenni Frazer, January 31, 2008

I am having breakfast and the flying fish are having a leaping competition in the seemingly endless stretch of water in my eye-line. Once again, the sky and the sea are that exact shade of brilliant blue that you see in the brochures but never quite believe you will see for yourself. It is a view you can never tire of and for 10 perfect days, it was mine — well, mine and 3,020 others’.


How I got into the spirit of holidays at sea

By Sharon Garfinkel, August 9, 2007

There are some things I did not think I would do in this lifetime: play golf, go out with an estate agent or take a cruise. Having just experienced the last of the no-goers (aboard Hebridean International Cruises’ Hebridean Spirit), my attitude has changed so profoundly that I may shortly be off to buy a set of Calloway irons and to have a bloke from Foxtons round to value my flat.


This is new-wave cruising

By Peter Moss, July 13, 2007