What's wrong with Arsenal?

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Posted on: Mon, 09/14/2009 - 12:22

As neither an Arsenal nor a Man City fan, I watched the match with great interest and was not let down by what was a great game of football. I couldn't help but feel though, that Adebayor's celebration was somewhat justified. Undoubtedly, the lashing out against Van Persie was disgraceful and he should have the book thrown at him for that, but I felt empathy for him regarding his celebration.

I'm no fan of Adebayor whatsoever, he does seem like a trouble maker and does himself no favours, but as an outsider I can understand that he was responding to the pretty awful treatment he got whilst at Arsenal. He's a great player, but when he asked for the contract he felt he deserved, Gooners started booing him and abusing their own player. Similar thing with Eboue, he had a poor spell of form and so the Arsenal "faithful" took it upon themselves to boo him as he came on as a sub as I remember, coupled with months of abuse from the terraces and people saying how poor a player he is. Not 6 months before I distinctly remember every gooner lauding these two and several on this and the other jewish forum, letting us all know what awesome prospects these two were. Seems pretty fickle to me. I just don't get how fans would want to drive their best striker out of the club with abuse and criticism.

Van Persie and Bentdner were both obviously trying to hurt Adebayor on the pitch, (without excusing Adebayor's disgusting kick), Van persie went up to the Man City fans effing and blinding yet nothing was said and the gooners in the ground were singing pretty disgusting songs about Adebayor before a ball was even kicked, which is always going to turn up the heat.

It seemed to me that there were many people both on and off the pitch that had an agenda before the game. To me it is a result of Adebayor not behaving professionally but moreso the Arsenal fans not behaving like "supporters". When he ran to the Arsenal fans and celebrated like that, knowing how poorly gooners have treated him and Eboue in the past, I found myself thinking "Good for you mate".