shut up wenger and gooners or take up netball

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Posted on: Mon, 03/01/2010 - 15:37

yes shame it was ramsey, i dont wish that type of injury on anyone , well part from sol but what really gets on my nerves are these gooners ringing up the radio bleeting on about how they are so great and other teasm are out to hurt them bla bla , the facts are simple
1 over the years arsenal have had more red cards then all other teams
2 it wasnt delibrate
3 it happens get over it
4 arsenal have been just as dirty over the years the fact that they are now a bunch of foreign pretty boys is not an excuse
5 supppppppppppppppppper luca modric


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Posted on: Mon, 03/01/2010 - 17:33#1

Ok DJ firstly gutted out game was off yesterday - 3 points would have been lovely

Secondly your right he didnt deliberately set out to injure Ramsey - but he has done this before.
He broke Francis Jeffers Leg 3 years ago and made a tackle on adebayor last year once the ball had gone out of play which was awful (althought its a shame no damage was done to that twat)
It was a reckless tackle on saturday. He was too slow and he knew it. Once he lost control of hte ball he was only going to do one thing and that was go in as strong as possible.
Ive had a season ticket at arsenal since i was 13 and yes we may have foreign pretty boys but we play good honest football and have a real chance this season on getting the league.
I dont see how saying he didnt mean to injure him makes it acceptable. If it was on Lennon and he broke his leg what would you say then? it was reckless to say the least and taking his past into account he is a rubbish slow footballer who knows only how to tackle hard at all costs!!