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Posted on: Mon, 11/23/2009 - 13:55

right firstly

to the refs that abandoned the games yesterday, what are you doing? our game was stopped by nigel burns for 5 mins during what was a hail stone tornado, we were drenched and it would have been easy for me and my lads to call the game off as we were 2-0 down but we carried on and the game continued in ridiculous conditions but it continued and no one died ! to call of a sunday game with 10 mins to go unless it is life or death is a joke and the refs who did this should give their money back and explain why they did it, you dont ask the teams of course the team losing will want it off!!


an utter disgrace

we beat them 3-2 in their last ever game its the first time we beat them and it was a well earned victory, they have now pulled out , why ? becasue rob wilson has relocated to the usa fair do's but not one other cricklewood player out of 29 would run it so they fold and we lose the points and so on, uttter utter rubbish

but i have to say mr woolf if your watching which i know you are more and more teams are folidng and i have an idea why

we are in ressecion yet the amount of money we have t pay for pitches kits joining fees and so on mounts up and they you lot fine us 100 quid for not attending a meeting or 5 quid for the wrong colur shorts 8 pound a yellow, for g-ds sake this is ment o be enjoyment STOP TAKING MONEY FROM THE CLUBS AND YOU MAY GET MORE CLUBS STAYING A FLOAT, DO YOU THINK ZIGZAG FC HAVE MONEY IN THE BANK?


woodford wanderers

i have to say i have had spats with these giys in the past but yesterday i thought they were a very good solid well turned out side nice essex chaps good banter after in the dressing room, they do have some gobsh--ts in the team like the winger but danny fenton sorted him out early doors and the verbal continued 'baldy'

but you know what i think i have a little essex in me coz i prepfer the essex boys banter to the normal namby pamby nonsense you get with other teams from round here