reffering decisions have to be better

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Posted on: Mon, 10/26/2009 - 13:15

i have respect for refs in maccabi, i have reffed a few games and it is hard , i also have respect for the man who reffed our game sunday and have known him years he used to be my manager and he is high up in maccabi, i know he wont mind my comments becasue he has replied to me before, he got a crucial decison wrong sunday and it cost us the game and maybe a big upset, what you have to take into account is the preperation i put in to running this team from training to kit washing to the fees we shell out for to the picking the team, the ref just turns up gets 30 quid and goes home.

ive had banter with fc team a over the years but i admit they are a good team and as a sign of respect for me they put their top boys in sunday and let the b team suffer a loss to a lower team, we were up against mitch youn and pink boots ryan and they were a throughly nice set of lads, of course i could hear them in the chaging room saying stuff like ' its zigzags cup final ' and so on .

i prepared my team fully we had no keeper i put a left back in goal and my best striker was only on the bench as not fit, we went 2-0 down but in the second half we really battled hard and got lots of chances and shots,we then got a corner the ball flew into the net everyone could see it , it was 2-1 team a were down and we had 25 mins to get an eqiliser, during the meelee our captain was also fouled in the box and had a split nose with blood, as our players celebrated the goal the ref waved play on i was absaloutly stunned it was a 110% goal , team a of course went up the oter end and made it 3-0 and it was game over.

my message to the ref is simple we were 2-0 down the ball went in the net even james ryan a man sent off who was now lino said it was a gaol, their goaly was winking and smiling at me and yet the ref who was close by said no goal.

this ruined our day my teasm morale and confidence etc, i can understand a ref getting a decision wrong on a penalty ( you got the sending off one wrong as danny fentons foul on ryan was defintaly in the box ) and in james ryans defence he didnt hit fenton it was pushing , so now another player has to be suspended or waste time shlapping to a hearing.

this is not professional football but it means a lot to the players , id like to know why that goal wasnt given.

i am extremly upset by this.

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"their goaly was winking and smiling at me"

I neither winked nor smiled at you Neal. If memory serves I had a word with the linesman to tell him I thought he was wrong and the ball had stayed out. By all means complain about the referee but don't go throwing around ridiculous statements like that. You asked me after the game when we shook hands what I thought and I gave you my honest answer. I would have thought matters would be left at that between the two of us.

You have every right to be upset at what you feel was an unfair decision, but don't bring others into it - that's not exactly fair either.