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Posted on: Mon, 02/08/2010 - 11:13

Saw the Lions B managers comments about the ref costing them the game yesterday and must say I'm surprised by his comments.
The first goal came about when a shot was blocked in the area by a Lions player and the ref judged that it was ball to hand. Maybe it was maybe it wasn't but a penalty resulted from which Faithfold scored.
These decisions are happening all the time ,certainly it wasn't as bad as when Faithfold played Redbridge and the ref blew for offside and Faithfold stopped only for Steve Summers to slam the ball home. After arguments the ref gave the goal as he said he shouldn't have blown as it wasn't offside. After the game he admitted it was one of his worst ever decisions as once he had blown the ball was dead.However that didn't make Faithfold fall apart!!!!!!!!!!!!.
The second goal came when a Faithfold player was fouled some 30 yards from goal.Lions claimed he fell maybe he did but the INTENT of the tackle was obvious.In any event the kick was taken and was brilliantly headed home.Nothing wrong with that goal.
From then on it was all Faithfold ,Lions never threatened ,and with better finishing Faithfold could easily have scored 6or7.
To blame the ref in my opinion makes life too easy for the Lions manager who should be looking at his teams shortcomings first.

On another point I see that South Manx forfeited their game against NWNA hope this doesn't meam another defection from the league.