Peter Morrison Trophy draws

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Posted on: Tue, 10/12/2010 - 09:52

The winners of Round 3 will join the 4 Northern Clubs in Round 4 to make the last 16.

Glenthorne B vs FC Team A
Hendon United A vs Temple Fortune
(to be played on the weekends of 31/10/10 and 07/11/10)

Southgate Harmen B v Redbridge Jewish Care A
Montana Boca A v FC Marylebone
FC Team B v Southgate Harmen A
L'Equipe v London Maccabi Lions A
North London Raiders B v Brady
North West Neasden A v Glenthorne United A
London Maccabi Lions B v Maccabi Masters
Woodford Wanderers v Glenthorne United B or FC Team A
Holy Mount Zion v Faithfold
North West Neasden B v South Manx
Redbridge Jewish Care C v Oakwood
North London Raiders A v Hendon United A or Temple Fortune
(to be played on the weekend of 21/11/10)