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Posted on: Sat, 12/10/2011 - 20:01

NON-FOOTBALL FORUM NEEDED! has (apart from the 48 "community" forums, which between them have only 58 posts, none of them later than 2010!) only 2 forums, one for film and one for football

as a result, discussions which on any normal website would take place in threads on a forum are forced into the blogs, a totally unsuitable and unindexable medium

real bloggers are discouraged, since they know that their efforts will be swamped by unpleasant political discussions, and quickly pushed down the list where nobody is likely to see them

matters were made even worse about a year ago by disabling comments on blogs out of office hours (ie every evening and all weekend), while allowing new blogs … as a result, there were over 25 blogs last weekend, most of them only a sentence long, each one unpleasantly answering the previous one

we need a separate forum for political (and other) discussions, so that discussions can take place in the same way as on any normal website, so that real blogs can be encouraged, and so that discussions on a particular topic can be easily found (on an index page such as the football forum index page, listing 25 threads per page)

(we also need a "Feedback and Announcements" forum, such as on other websites, where for example this thread would normally go! )

i hope that you footballers won't mind too much if we "invade your pitch", and use your forum until a separate one is provided!