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Posted on: Tue, 11/09/2010 - 20:53

Are club managers being unfair to referees by complaining about them?
Well having watched quite a few games I certainly think that some players need to grow up and show some honesty and fair play. I am fed up with players mimicing their professional idols and denying a wrong doing obvious to almost everyone else at the match This is usually compounded by an argument or even swearing when their denial isn't accepted by the ref.
Equally I am disappointed with the quality of refereeing which leaves a lot to be desired. I like to believe that referees are genuinly neutral but it is hard on occasions when you see some of the decisions that are made. In all fairness some of the decisions are equally bad to both teams but I am not sure if this is much consolation to either team or their managers.
In my opinion referees must be respected and managers and players must realise this and as I said before grow up and be more sportsman like (even if this may seem a little old fashioed to them). Hopefully referees can reciprocate by upping their game as well.