Jews and Arabs: AIR and WASTE

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Arrived as an ateist from USSR, I was coming to the Temple just as the student of my history that I was deprived from. That’s how I understood logical bases of Jewish mental superiority. No ideas of Racial superiority. It is just self developed during 5000 years mental quality, built by concentration and memory exercise requested in about every prayer and religious dispute. Just five thousands years of training of memory and concentration. As much as English Lords developed pit-bulls during 300 hundred years. See my explanation in “Jpeople meet”....
Last Saturday it was prayer in Chabad of Los Feliz, CA. Substitute Rabbi, Mendel, was talking that demons and angels have one common stream/component - Fire, and they have different other ones. Angels have the AIR, and demons- earth, underground with all decays and waste of humans, animals and other components of waste yards contents….
It immediately came to my mind as the common and difference between Semites: Arabs/Muslims and Jews/Christians/the rest of the World….
Jewish people use their brain and FIRE to bring good to the Earth. Many of Renown scientists, writers, artists, creators, famous doctors in the most countries are Jewish. They use their FIRE to AIR the GOOD to the Earth dwellers….
Originally, when Arab demonism was not so enraged, smart Arab Emirs, Sultans and Shahs were employing Jews like Avicenna (ibn Sinai), Maimonide and alike to make their courts famous in the World…. I personally have Muslim friends that I love and respect. Many former Soviet block Muslims did not have devil’s back…
Somehow, today Muslim’s FIRE is fed by the waste and poison of hate and brings in the World 9/11, Somali pirates, and millions of Hartum/Sudan Africans, thousands of Arabs own Bagdadies, Afganies and Pakistanies corpes. World economy is purposely destroyed by skyrocketed Oil prices….
Chief Satan of Lebanon, Nasralla, collects rockets supplied by Iran, evil brewery. Staff Evil Brewer of Iran, Ahmadeni.., well expressed degenerate, swears to erase Israel from the map and cooking a Nuk to erase all Holly relics of Judaism, Christianity and even Muslims…
It is this poisonous fire that brought a few last crisises based on oil. Somehow, fuel distributed mostly in evil regions. The sooner the World will switch to a new fuel source, the quicker the World will pass trouble times.
Sick by hate to all, Arab Muslims spread their plaque in Europe, USA and all over the World. Tall minarets, symbolizing superiority of Islam, drop offensive shadows on Centuries old churches all over the Europe and Americas, assumably Christen countries. How soon will minarets shadow the Vatican? Proud grand-grand..grand sons of comrades in arms of Richard Lion Heart live under shadows of minarets built on extorted from the West money. Descendants of King Arthur knights subconsciously feel shyness while entering a public transport. After a Sunday prayer/Bible class they go to the supermarket, where, by government degree, products, grown in Biblical liberated territories, are specially marked. Not by Yellow Star yet. Fed, housed and supported by the Descendants of crusaders, so called “Palestinians” -- parasites by nature: they received flowering Gaza and returned it in desert shape,--destroy and desecrate Jewish/Christen Holly places, up to Using the Holiest Christen Church as a restroom during intifada. Raged Iranian government is striving for a Nuk…. Then we will have the world wide Jewish/Christian/whoever get across Holocaust. Sure, starting from the Jews. Do you remember Germany ‘33? What would remain from the Holiest Jewish/Christen/Muslim relics in Israel if Iran gets a Nuk?
Note to the readers: Dear reader I'd assume that if you're reading it, you're indifferent to a Jewish matters. Also, it'd be a safe assumption, that you have a better command of English. So take history in your own hands. Copy, fix and distribute at least 2d part of this post in the area of Christian Churches effected by minarets. Swiss already stopped minarets construction.