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Posted on: Tue, 02/02/2010 - 20:41

I hear yet another Premier League team have folded. We have five divisions and all the teams below them are working year in year out to reach those heights and then some team that lose a few games decide to pull out. So maybe they are short of players? So why didn’t they advertise for players? Why didn’t they offer to hand the club over to someone else who can take the team forward? Someone younger who has young Jewish friends maybe?

Secondly I am sick of not playing Sunday, my non-Jewish brother in law seems to be playing week in week out. They change pitches last minute, they do everything to play. But it seems us Jews we can’t do that we got commitments on Sunday like going to watch our Premier League team or we need to do revision for an exam or something. Is an hour or two really going to make a difference? Maybe this league should consider changing kick off times to later or start the season a lot earlier.

On my way back from North London I went past 5-6 football grounds with many a game being played. What is going on it has become joke and I will end up looking for a new hobby soon!

Your thoughts please?

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i agree with every single word here are the reasons

1 there are too many multi teams and they run the msfl, david kyte, marc lewis what they say goes, so if you play for glenthorne A and Lions B want you your more likely to go there, thats why we are going to propose this summer that no player may drop down more than one division and not at all after 3 games lets see how they like that.

2 you are right again the managers in the msfl me and a few others aside are idiots, they dont want to play , they have no respect, they cant be bothered, they have this jewish attitude of ' its only football' i know so many who have got married or had a kid and thats the emd of their football life, pathetic,

3 i was astounded that all games were off this week i wasnt in the country and had a postponement from weeks ago but we have played more games anyway, i thought teams would catch up but all pitches were frozen? utter rubbish

4 costs

david woolfe and bev and lee silver if your lurking, you cnat fine teams in a credit crunch for not attending meetings or wearing the wrong colur shorts

5 i think we have to consider the 3 non jew rule i know a good few yoshkis who would love to play for zigzag and proberbly have played for ac cricklewood ;-) over the years, IF NON JEWS WANT TO PLAY JEWISH FOOTBALL LET A FEW IN .

6 we alllllllllllllll hate leeds and leeds and leeds

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you either wanna play or you don't

too many softy attitudes jumpin on this 'health n safety' bandwagon where everyone is so scared to accept responsibility or to be held account for - in the event of something MAYBE happening.

it's all this compensation culture crap....

i remember as a kid playing week in, week out.

if it snowed you played with an orange ball

if it was icy, you wore moulds or astro's

if it was thick fog, it didn't matter - aslong as you can see as far as the halfway line you'll get by

torrential rain... football weather i say - remember that sunday in december when certain teams losing wanted games postponed with 10 - 15 to go (disgrace)

no nets? ..get on with it
invisible lines? what

JUST PLAY please