i almost packed it in after yesterday

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Posted on: Mon, 03/08/2010 - 09:28

i have to admit after yesterday i was really down, i work hard to get 14 out i do it every week and when i read about prem teams folding it upsets me becasue id love to be in the prem.

yesterday we had a ref who i know he used to run a team called fcnl hes a nice bloke but a more incompetent performance i ve never seen and it lost us the game and could send us down.

every decision was wrong for both sides not just us every throw every free kick, we hacked their player down on the area no pen, later in the game 2 players fell on top of each other, ball cleared up field 5 secs go by he gives a pen ! never in my life have i seen that.

the hendon linesman putting his flag up for every single attack and he gave evvery offside they asked for.

the hendon winner a clear henry type handball goal given in last minute

even our goal he got in the way and almost passed the ball to our striker

clearly rules were not known yet 30 pound was given and we lost and could go down

i dont know the answer but to be a ref surly you have to take a course or be qualified in some sort of aspect , it was a joke and for us it could mean we fold as no one fancies 4th div football.........

as for the prem its becoming a joke but mr woolfe all i hear you go on about in the paper is we mustnt upset multi teams im sorry but its the muti teams that are making these teams fold, the rules in palce for players moving down are not right either they are unfair on both sides.....

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Posted on: Tue, 03/09/2010 - 11:15#1

Having played in the game for Hendon on Sunday I find your comments odd and will explain why. I accept the referee was below par, but there were a number of passes made by both teams that were also below par. Your comment about our linesman putting up his flag is incredible. Our defence were complaining to our linesman during the first half that we felt there were occasions that were offside, so I can only think you were too far away to have seen what was going on. You were hardly in our half in the second half, so it wasn’t really relevant. The penalty was in fact a penalty but most of your players who couldn't see the incident went mad, after fouling our player in the area, resulting in a delay of 6 or 7 minutes for them to whinge, moan and spoil the atmosphere of the game. Nevertheless, for your second goal the referee intercepted a pass from us which fell nicely to one of your players who scored but that is the way it goes sometimes - no protests from us. The referee certainly did not lose you the game, but you probably lost it yourselves through lack of discipline.
However, I was disgusted when I asked your bench to calm the swearing down on the side lines as we had a couple of young children come to watch their relatives, who they were standing very close to. I was also sworn at by way of a response and ignored. In terms of your team I felt you had some decent footballers and guys who wanted to enjoy the game and go home. However, one player made a comment to us that was wholly unacceptable and although you and your team made it very clear that you were equally disgusted I suspect he will continue playing week in week out until we meet you next season and we hear the same comment again.

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sorry just seen this so i shall reply....

not incredible in fact hendon have history in this the first time i was ever sent off years ago for brixton v hendon by nigel burns was for the same reason richard cohen was your lino he kept cheating the entire game, i told him i would shove the flag up his ass if he kept raising it and i was sent off 'rightly' its not just you all teams when they have a lino doing offside cheat, they cheat becaise they are bias and becasue they are aggrived at being a sub and becasuse they are under pressure from their teammates, my sub didnt raise his flag for your 3rd goal which was in my opinion a clear handball , the greif my lino got after was out of order from my own players....

mate im sorry but do me a favor in a million years that wasnt a pen they fell over and your player obstructed the ball and why did he blow up much later when the ball was cleared?

you cant protest if the ball comes off the ref as it is not agains the law there is nothing you can do about it

as for the swearing im sorry i will defend that football is a game for men its our only relaese on a sunday morning and women and young kids and that kid was very young shouldnt be there they should be at home making the lunch , swearing happens in football its a reaction its life and thats that sorry mate

the comment he made was ' you religous lot are all the same'

bit of a strange comment i grant you but just an opinion it didnt really mean anything it was a strange thing to say and i dont know why he said it 2 of my players are frum and they laughed it off by the way so please dont make such a big deal of that it was banter.........


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Interestingly, and in what must be a one-off, I find myself recounting similar experiences to the DJ in previous games with various Hendon sides (though not the A's strangely). Generally, nice guys, good sportsmen and usually quality footballers but with linesmen who need to go to specsavers, or develop the morality of the rest of their team. Don't know what it is, but it seems to be true that a Hendon linesman's flag spends more time raised than not. Of course, most teams have been guilty of this to a greater or lesser extent and perhaps it is so noticeable with Hendon because it is in such contrast to the way they generally conduct themselves.

On to the more serious business...Neal, as usual, your comments are ridiculous. Specifically, your hopefully tongue-in-cheek comments about women and children, who of course have as much right as you to be in a local park on a Sunday morning. If you're seriously suggesting that families watching and supporting somehow make the game worse, I feel sorry for you and the new depths of ignorance you have clearly plumbed. Of course swearing happens on probably every football pitch, but it's all relative - I've witnessed your players threaten 60-year old men and abuse women before (and that's off the pitch!) so maybe you and your team need to develop a sense of perspective?

As for the comment, I see it as an expression of prejudice, little different from the anti-semitism you bleat about that we Spurs fans experience regularly. If you've got any balls, kick out the player responsible and make a stand for something you claim to believe in.

Somehow, I doubt it.

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Posted on: Sat, 03/13/2010 - 15:59#4

i have to return this post the first half of it is fair but you haev overstepped the mark , i also notice that people who post me never telll me who they are...

nothing tounge and cheek about it i cant bare birds and little kids standing on the touchline with prams and bikes while im trying to run a team and watch my mouth, my wife and her family are gooners ( im afraid) and love football but they dont come to watch us and i wouldnt have it any other way, i dont mind 10 year old boys like danny fentons son coming as they love the game and aspie to be their dad but women and toddlers NO STAY HOME

as for my players abusing 60 year old men and women what on earth are you on about!!?

finally my firend there are religous jews and no religeos there are jews like me who are secular but get involved in fighting for israel and there are religeous jews who do nothing and ones who help..

if you seriously think that comment he made merits banning him from playing for a team then you are just the same a sensative muppet who really has to sort his priorites out.....