Can a referree or someone at the MSFL clarify a rule for me please?

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Posted on: Sun, 02/07/2010 - 16:49

I turn up today to play for my team FC Team A We are away at Faithfold B. When we get to the pitch for our 10.30 kick off I note Faithfold A playing on the next pitch but the kick off for that game was 10.00. I thought that was strange and worked out why this was the case later, I will come on to this point.

So we get going and with 20 minutes to go we are 2-1 up and by this time the Faithfold A Team game on the next pitch is over. So they decide to bring on 3 players that have just played the full game for the A team. Is this within the rules? And obviously by this point it was clear why they kicked of early as they had this trick up there sleeve.

I tried to speak to the referee but he was death so that was not possible. Not disrespect to him he is one of the better ref's in this league. But I wonder if Faithfold took advantage of him and broken the rules?
I am not being bitter here because we held out and went onto win 2-1 becuse we are quality side. However this shouldn’t happen again as next time it will make a difference. I thought there was some rule about how many players can go up and down and then go back and play etc. And surely you can’t be involved in two games in two different league games?

I asked a few of their players if this was kosher? They say it is. If this is the case this makes more of a laughing stock of our league.

I am not a big fan of DJ Neal but I am starting to see his point on teams with 3 or 4 teams. I know I play for a club that has two teams in the MSFL. But from my time with them I have not seen p*** taking like this episode. I also spent 5 seasons playing for Chigwell (who had 3 teams) and never saw this once.

Some clarification on this rule please?