British Judge on an Arab leach

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British Judge on a leach

At least, British court decide to sue Livni. Even before Israeli.
But one second.. Don’t they complaint that in violation of her oath, Livni did not react on eight years of fire to Israeli civilian objects, Kindergartens and Train Repair yards?
Surprise, surprise... They decide to prosecute Livni for taking part in protecting her country from indiscriminately rocket and mortar fire.
Next step would be to posthumously shame Heros of Warsaw Ghetto for killing Nazi solders.
Is British Judge on a Palestinian money leach? Or is he just week upstairs? Is protecting of own country a crime now? So excavate graves of WWII heroes and stamp them as criminals. Nazi’s allies, Palestinians, would pay for it. Do you remember their 9/11 festivities or cooperation with Nazi Germany?
Or may be it’d be better to join resting heros? They did protect England in their time. But today tall minarets, symbolizing superiority of Islam, drop offensive shadows on Centuries old churches of England, assumably still Christen country. Proud grand-grand..grand sons of comrades in arms of Richard Lion Heart live under shadows of minarets built on extorted from the West money. Descendants of King Arthur knights subconsciously feel shyness while entering a public transport. After a Sunday prayer/Bible class they go to the supermarket, where, by government degree, products, grown in Biblical liberated territories, are specially marked. Not by Yellow Star yet. Fed, housed and supported by the Descendants of crusaders, so called “Palestinians” -- parasites by nature: they received flowering Gaza and returned it in desert shape,--destroy and desecrate Jewish/Christen Holly places, up to Using the Holiest Christen Church as a restroom during intifada.
Now they have a British Judge on a leach.

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If diplomats diiferent have diplomatic immunity many would be in prison - and i'm sure Livni would be warming the seats with them.

How is she a hero?
The rockets they have sent over have killed 65 people over many years - she sends in a froce that kills 1200 people in a day.....? She's not your nice little auntie Esther....