Absolute Disgrace that Ref. Abandons game

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Posted on: Sun, 11/22/2009 - 15:32

After almost 70 mins of a prem. game, a ref decided to abandon the game, with a team leading 2-0.
The weather was bad, and all the players agreed a few minute stop was needed as an awful hail storm came over.
Quite literally, 2 minutes later the storm cleared - it was still windy with slight hail.
However, a arrogant and stubborn ref. for no possible legitimate reason, decided to rightfully see out the storm and THEN abandon the game , even though all the players were back on the pitch.
Of course when asked, the referee (perhaps the most arrogant I have ever come across) refuses to answer the players, actually swears at them, and walks off with no explanation.
The game was stopped for 5 mins correctly, but then there was no reaosn whatsoever to abandon the game.
It is infuriating that a certain ref will not be held to account whatsoever, and as most ref's do, refuses to answer why on gods earth he could abandon that game!
it is simply disgraceful, arrogant, and power-hungry "refereeing"

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After 80 mins the ref decides that he thinks the game should be abandoned due to rain. We are leading 1-0 and the wind and rain is affecting us more. However FC Team you should be ashamed, you were losing but still in the game but obviously you have got the referee to get the game stopped. This is a mans game and with no surface water or any other hazards, maybe you should play AJY where they will call games off at the first sign of rain.

Ref, I cannot believe that you were so swayed by a team that was desperate enough not to lose by doing this. You made the wrong call and the rain stoppped literally a few mins later.

David Wolff, you were watching, yet did nothing, I hope that the MSFL board get a backbone and stop this happening again.

This was a disgrace, and to be honest Team you will go down as your lack of sportsmanship matches the poor standard of your team.

You need to take a good look at what you did as you are no better than children.

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It would be handy if you got your facts straight before posting that abuse.

1) The referee gave the captains the option to call the game off. Our players did not ask for an abandonment so the ref was not swayed by anybody

2) What has this got to do with David Woolf?! He was there but it is not up to him to step in. The referee is in charge in this case

3) The referee did not call the game off due to rain. He called it off as there were puddles on the pitch and he was worried about the players safety. There was also 19 minutes remaining (12 plus 7 of injury time - this has come from the referee himself)

Can I also add that most of your team acted in a very dignified manner. You (I am aware that you are the goalkeeper), however, acted like a complete disgrace and I hope your club act to ban you. You were swearing at our players and the referee as you drove out of the car park. You are a grown man and you were an embarrassment to yourself and your team. Some of your players had to apologise for you. That speaks volumes really and you need to take a long hard look at yourself.

And to criticise the quality of our team is unnecessary. We gave you a good game and were pushing for an equaliser the whole half.

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Rather than slag off david woolf I think we should be praising him for actually watching the match in that dreadful weather!
I for one and grateful for the support and for him coming down.

Secondly if you think the abandonment was down to just one player from our team then your more stupid than your antics on the pitch!

Fair enough their was only 10 minutes left but in that 10 minutes could have been a horrific tackle that could have easily broken someones leg. I mean there was enough tackles going in before the ref called it that were a cause for concern!

I appreciate its frustrating from your point of view that you were winning and you need the points as much as we do but I also appreciate that if I was reffing that match i certainly wouldnt want to see a broken leg happen where I could have called the match off and saved any concern.

It was a brave and correct desicion in my opinion, but having a go at david woolf is completely unfair and what I expect from a 9 year old!! Not you!!

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Question to FC Team B (I do not know what happened at your game or what abuse happened etc):
if you were losing after almost a full game was played, you appreciate its frustrating from the other side's point of view and you feel the abandonment was down to just one player, WHY DONT YOU NOW FORFEIT THE GAME and recognize you were beaten on the pitch ???

Appreciate players' safety comes first but lets be honest here for one second !


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There were 19 minutes to go and the score was only 1-0 with the very strong wind was in our favour. We had every chance of getting back into the game and were well on top so why would we forfeit it now?

Pretty silly comment really.

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Posted on: Tue, 11/24/2009 - 15:27#6

Maybe I'm being naive but what's fairer honestly:
to take away from a team its lead after 70 or 80 minutes of play or to take away from the other team its chance to come back in the last 10 or 19 minutes?
would you agree to play the remaining 19 minutes?

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Posted on: Tue, 11/24/2009 - 15:47#7

David Gordon - I would hardly say FC Team were 'well on top'.

Yes you had the wind in your favour (for about 10 minutes) but how many opportunities did you actually have?

Our keeper easily tipped over a long-range free kick, and you then had 2 successive corners which came to absolutely nothing (one swung straight out).

You're obviously forgetting SH's good chances in the second half (which admittedly we should have converted) but to say you were well on top is hilarious (not to mention our complete domination of the 1st half).

I guess our 2nd half goal was against the run of play too?

As Jond says, would you really want to play the final 19 mins? And is it really fair to take away a lead after 80 mins?

It was only made apparent there were 19 mins after the game had finished. Whilst we were still on the pitch, we were told there were only 10 mins left.

Your thoughts on Sunday sums up your position in the table - devoid of anything.

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You were all over us top in the first half but that is totally irrelevant. You did not convert 1 of your numerous chances.

The second half was a lot more even but I felt we had the better of it. Perhaps I am over exaggerating how on top we were but I do feel we were having the better of the half and could certainly have forced an equaliser in the remaining minutes.

The point is this; I did not make the decision to call the game off. It may have come down to the 2 captains in the end but it was the referee who gave them this option. The referee replied to an email chain saying that he felt he was wrong to have put the 2 captains in such a position. Instead he felt that, in hind site, he should have called the game off without input from anybody else due to the dangerous conditions and puddles on the pitch.

Would you still be asking us to replay those 19 minutes if the referee had made the final decision to call the game off?

And once again another Southgate player brings up our position in the league. Totally unnecessary and very petty.

You are entitled to your opinion on my thoughts. I only replied to this thread because one of your players claimed that we had asked for the game to be called off which is totally untrue, as is the claim that we lack sportsmanship. I did not, and still do not, intend to have bad blood with anybody from Southgate Harmen B. I thought that the game on Sunday was very competitive and also quite enjoyable. I apologise that you feel you were hard done by in the end, but there is no way of knowing what the final outcome would have been.

Therefore, to ask us just to replay the final 19 minutes is ludicrous and is out of the question, especially as this game will not be rescheduled for at least a month and probably longer.

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Posted on: Tue, 11/24/2009 - 17:57#9

lets not talk about whether ref should have called the game off or which team was on top.

Would you give me a honest answer to a simple question:
do you sincerely feel it is fairer to:
a) replay the game and take away an ACTUAL lead after 70-80 minutes or so
b) FC Team B, Lions B and Hendon C forfeit the game and therefore abandon the CHANCE to come back in the game (or to concede more goals)

Actually it would set a fantastic standard in sportsmanship in the League if all teams benefiting from these external events recognized that they were beaten over an almost full game.

(to be honest I am interested here as my team was leading when our game was stopped)

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lets be honest the lot of you are a bunch of muppets

all this rubbish about could have broken a leg bla bla do me a favor so namby pamby jewishey just get on with it its was a bit of hail and a bit of rain look at the vid on that other jewish site you will see zigzag and woodford going at it in those conditions we dont care about the weather im sick of all these little babies

fc team go away and take that numpty peter moss with you