a question for hendon united and other stuff

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Posted on: Mon, 03/29/2010 - 09:19

I am amazed hendon united a club with 4 teams and over 100 players could not raise a side to play lions, this is a joke , what on earth is going on.

the bloke who runs south manx has shown with passion and grit you can rise from the dead and not only carry on but win games in the prem well done them.

camden couldnt rasie a team however they are a good club and played with 10 men and got hammered but they played well done justin

hendon im sorry but this is unacceptable explain why you couldnt get 11 players on the pitch?

brady maccabi a club i was at for 3 years couldnt raise a team? how can you not raise a team.

this needs to be addressed at the agm big time

as for my lot bottom of 3rd horrible season yet i had 16 boys 2 even pulled out ill on day so i had 14

maybe i should run a prem club huh? or even the rep team.......

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Posted on: Mon, 03/29/2010 - 10:00#1

The reason Hendon could not get 11 men together, was because out of a 17 man squad , 3 are injured for the season, and 7 were abroad, leaving 7 men.
The league were informed well over a month ago,
so quit your whinging already

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Posted on: Mon, 03/29/2010 - 11:08#2

you should be thrown out for this its a disgrace id love to be in the prem leauge id give anything
how can you only have a 17 man squad ive got 26 and had 35 last season, 7 were abroad what is this some sort of butlins team you are running here?

you could easily have taken B C OR D PLAYERS but that would nt suit would it because youd get stuffed......

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Posted on: Mon, 03/29/2010 - 11:10#3

in fact im really abgry about this your telling me out of 100 people you couldnt get 5 players from your 3 other teams?



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Posted on: Mon, 03/29/2010 - 16:42#4

Dear Neal,

A couple of weeks ago, you called me a "sensative muppet" [sic] for suggesting that you should ban one of your players for making disparaging remarks to Hendon players relating to his perception of their religious observance.

Today you are calling for an entire team to be thrown out of the league for failing to raise a team for one match, and not even a match that has any bearing whatsoever on your own team. If I am a sensitive muppet then what, dare I ask, are you?

You are quite correct that Hendon have an awful lot of registered players and I'm sure many people would agree with you that they could possibly have raised a side had they wanted to, but unfortunately you have to accept that the rules are the rules and they are perfectly entitled to pull out of a game and accept the consequences of that decision.

You have surely realised by now that these rule changes that you tell us every year that you are going to bring about at the AGM are never actually going to happen and that you are not going to get the "multi-teams" that you so loathe kicked out of the league, not least because it is nobody's interest for this to happen, as you'd probably realise if you ever managed to think it all the way through.

It is admirable that you would love to manage in the Premier Division and I'm sure it would be a very entertaining spectacle but you have three promotions to concentrate on first, so why not focus your energy on that, or making sure that doesn't turn into four promotions, something which you might actually be able to influence?

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Posted on: Mon, 03/29/2010 - 22:50#5

just back from a lovely seder im not frum so i am going to reply to this, you have got me a little wrong, i do not want to throw multi teams out and my comments about throwing hendon out were actully more banter than my real wishes however i am going to bring a rule change to the AGM and we are gathering support the rule change is simple

1 clubs with multi teams can only move a player down 1 division

2 no player can move at all after 5 games

these 2 rules will make it more fair for teasm playing hendon c and hendon d.

as for the rest of your email its all very well you saying you are using the rules but what about the spirit of the game .....as i said i am sure hendon a could have fielded 11 men whatever you say it shows disregard for the premiership which has been a total mockery all season, look at the difference

the prem has 7 or 8 teams drop outs people not fielding teams where as the 4th div and 3rd div have been great competitiive leagues so why are the big boys in the prem letting the msfl down i dont get it?