Temple Mount protest ends peacefully

April 16, 2009

More than 150 Islamic activists demonstrated outside Jerusalem's Old City on Thursday morning in protest at Jewish right-wing groups' plans to hold prayers at the Temple Mount.

The demonstrators also protested against police restrictions on the entrance of Muslim worshipers to the Temple Mount.

An Islamic Movement spokesman for said that the aim of the demonstration was to prevent "radical right-wing groups gaining control" of the area.

Jewish groups earlier published posters "calling on the masses to visit the Temple Mount" on the day after Pesach "to Judaise the holiest place in the world, which is being shamefully desecrated".

Police in Jerusalem announced that they were limiting the access of both Muslims and Jews wishing to enter for fear that thousands were planning to pray at the compound and a possible riot.

Last updated: 1:23pm, April 20 2009