The local nick

By Stephen Pollard, February 22, 2011

From the incomparable Richard Littlejohn today:

As I write, Sky is reporting that protesters have set fire to a police
station in Tripoli. That’s nice for them. They’re lucky they can find a
police station to set fire to. Our local nick in North London shut up
shop donkey’s years ago.


The man who saved the Grand National (Daily Express)

By Stephen Pollard, February 21, 2011

I have a piece in today's Express about Cyril Stein. It's here.


The real big society

By Stephen Pollard, February 14, 2011

Writing about the Big Society (cringe-makingly awful name for an important and good modus operandi), Ben Brogan hits the nail on the head:

[T]he combined might of Labour’s useful idiots in the voluntary and
charitable sector...are neither volunteers nor charitable – they are
paid and their money comes not from individuals but the state. No
wonder they snap any time a hand reaches to turn off the tap.


Guardian's shame

By Stephen Pollard, January 27, 2011

You might be interested in our leader in tomorrow's paper, on the Guardian's handling of the Palestine Papers. 

Here it is in full:

Guardian's shame

As a general rule, it ill behoves one newspaper to attack another.
But there are exceptions to every rule. The Guardian's behaviour this week, even by its own often disreputable standards over Israel, has been simply shocking.


The Day Today lives

By Stephen Pollard, January 26, 2011

Sky News presenter: We're just getting information about how the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee voted. With me is Joel Hills, our correspondent. What are we learning, Joel?

Joel Hills: Well, Charlotte, we're learning how the Monetary Policy Committee voted.



Is David Lammy an idiot?

By Stephen Pollard, January 26, 2011

As a season ticket holder at the greatest team the world has ever seen (that's Spurs, of course) I've followed the moves over the Olympic stadium with some horror. I can see the advantages, but we are a North London team. That's our club's DNA.  (And the last thing I want to do is schlep to Stratford when we play.)  

But the behaviour of David Lammy, the local MP, is hilarious. He seems to have missed Campaigning 101 when he was at college, because all he does is throw insults at Daniel Levy, rather than build a case and seek to persuade.


The PA has betrayed people who, er, aren't Palestinian

By Stephen Pollard, January 25, 2011

Never let it be said that the PSC have no sense of
humour. At least I assume this press release, which has just popped into my
inbox, is meant as a joke:


Tuesday 25th January 2011

Scottish Palestine
Solidarity Campaign: Media Release