Double joy for Israel

June 2, 2011

Israel's Arik Ze'evi and Neta Rivkin have boosted their hopes of participating in next year's Olympic Games in London.

Ze'evi, 34, took gold at judo's Moscow Grand Slam with a victory in the under-100kg competition.

There was controversy in the quarter-finals when, after defeating Ramadan Darwesh, the Egyptian refused to shake Ze'evi's hand.


Nyman on track for 2016 Olympic squad

February 10, 2011

Lara Nyman has been identified as one of three British sportswomen as potential cycling contenders for 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Nyman, 18, was recognised by Paul Manning, who collected a full set of Olympic cycling medals with the men's team pursuit between 2000 and 2008.


Israeli Olympics committee perfectly formed

By Simon Griver, December 16, 2010

The Olympic Committee of Israel (OCI) has published tough qualification criteria for the 2012 Olympics and is confident of bringing home several medals from London.

OCI Secretary General Efraim Zinger said: "We are going to England to win medals and, in order to win, you need tough criteria so you can concentrate limited resources on the more promising medal prospects. The criteria are the same as for Beijing and we expect about 40 Israel sportswomen and men to travel to London."


He wants new (music) tracks for the Olympics

By Anne Joseph, December 10, 2010

Asked to consider what he thinks has been his most significant achievement as an arts benefactor, former GP Dr David Cohen pauses for a moment before choosing his answer carefully. Then, without a shred of pomposity or fanfare, he explains that he has actually just returned from the launch of New Music 20x12 - a programme designed to put new music centre stage of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. "We're doing something which I think is giving us a feeling of satisfaction," he says.


Faith helps for 2012 London Olympics

By Jessica Elgot, September 21, 2010

The capital's rabbis have been called up to volunteer as Jewish chaplains for Olympic athletes at the London 2012 Games.

Jewish chaplains will be recruited for the Games to support the religious needs of athletes and visitors to the Olympic site. Many rabbis in the Redbridge community, close to the Stratford site, have already expressed interest in the positions.

Rabbi Richard Jacobi of Woodford Liberal synagogue said: "I'm certainly discussing doing it. It's important
to show our hospitality to everyone who visits for the Olympics and Paralympics.


Munich victims snubbed

July 30, 2010

Israel's IOC delegate has confirmed there will not be a memorial for the Munich massacre victims at the opening ceremony of London 2012.

Alex Gilady, who is also a member of the IOC's London 2012 Co-ordination Committee, did confirm, however, that the Israel Olympic Committee will be hosting a reception to mark the 40th anniversary in which 11 of the Israeli Olympic delegation were killed during the 1972 Munich Games.


The Olympic kippah for Jewish volunteers

By Marcus Dysch, June 10, 2010

Volunteers at the London 2012 Olympic Games will be offered the chance to wear an "Olympic kippah" as part of their uniform.

The specially-designed yarmulke will form part of the official attire for Jewish members of the 70,000-strong volunteering team.

The London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG) has held discussions with representatives of the Jewish community to discuss provisions, including kosher food, which will be needed for Jewish competitors and visitors to the capital.


Munich massacre remembered at 2012 Olympics

By James Martin, March 18, 2010

Sir Keith Mills, deputy chairman of LOCOG, is planning to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Munich Massacre at the London 2012 Olympics.

"We should certainly find a way of incorporating a commemoration into the Games. Not just in memory of those who were killed but also for the victims of other tragedies, such as the terrorist act at Atlanta," said Sir Keith, who admitted "the details still need to be discussed".


Mesler wins bobsleigh Olympic gold

By Danny Caro and James Martin, March 4, 2010

Steve Mesler savoured Winter Olympics ecstasy as he celebrated winning the four-man bobsleigh gold at Vancouver's Whistler Park.

Lining up alongside fellow crewmen Steve Holcomb, Justin Olsen and Curtis Tomasevicz, the 31-year-old from Buffalo overcame the German 1 team by 0.38 seconds over four rounds to ensure USA's first four-man bobsleigh gold in 62 years in a total time of 3: 24:36.


US skater takes silver at Winter Olympics

By Danny Caro, February 25, 2010

American student Charlie White took silver in the figure skating free dance at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

White, 22, paired up with Meryl Davis put in an eye-catching display on Day 11 at the Pacific Coliseum.

It could have been even better for the duo who showed incredible speed on the ice but they received a one-point deduction for exceeding the time limit on one of their lifts.

White said: “We're so proud of what we were able to do out there, to come so prepared and be able, under the pressure of the Olympics, skate three amazing programs is such a joy.”