Marathon memories still haunt me

By Danny Caro, April 17, 2008

Sunday’s London Marathon brought back some of my most painful sporting memories. I limped home in the 2001 race in just under seven hours after suffering severely sprained ankle ligaments. That was not the worst of it though. Getting overtaken by a 75-year-old and someone dressed up as a rhino rubbed salt into my wounds.


London’s calling for marathon effort in the name of charity

By Danny Caro, April 11, 2008

Norwood will be the best represented Jewish charity at Sunday’s Flora London Marathon with a team of 21 runners putting their limbs on the line.

Great-grandmother and power walker Flora Frank, of Edgware, will be taking part in her 17th marathon. She has already completed 11 London races as well as two in New York and three in Tiberias. She is also raising funds for Emunah.


Nick Bitel hopes for a record-breaking London marathon

By Candice Krieger, April 10, 2008

Sunday’s London Marathon will raise over £46.5 million, smashing the world record for the largest annual one-day fundraiser, claims the event’s main man Nick Bitel.

A partner in sports law firm Max Bitel Greene, Mr Bitel has been part-time chief executive of the London Marathon since 1993. Under his authority, the number of people running has grown by around 50 per cent. So, what makes the marathon so popular? “It is the great suburban Everest,” says Mr Bitel, 48.


Sanderson takes silver

April 3, 2008

Danielle Sanderson took silver at the World Masters Athletics Championships Half Marathon (W45 category), and, as part of the Great Britain squad that won team gold.

Having finished in 1:21, she said: “I exceeded my most optimistic expectations by a minute and a half and was remarkably comfortable throughout the race. But I am kicking myself because I was only five seconds behind the winner, and finished strongly.”


Marathon boy is just 11

March 28, 2008

Daniel Reuben will be one of the youngest participants involved in the London Marathon on April 13.