Muamba incident is a real wake-up call to Maccabi footballers

By Danny Caro, March 23, 2012

Stuart Lustigman, the chairman of the Maccabi Masters League, has described the Muamba incident as "a real wake-up call" to Sunday morning footballers.

Lustigman this week emailed all clubs in the over-35's league, advising them to ensure they have someone qualified on hand to deal with similar incidents.


JC MSFL Matchday 29 preview

By Danny Caro, March 22, 2012

The Peter Morrison Trophy semi-final between double-chasing Brady and treble-chasing Hendon takes centre stage, while the Division Two and Four championships could be settled. Elsewhere, it's a big day for eight clubs in the quarter-finals of the JC Barry Goldstein Trophy. Danny Caro looks ahead to all the action.



Danny Caro's Division 4 TOTW: March 16

By Danny Caro, March 21, 2012

1. Ben Adaki (Brady Maccabi B)

2. Adam Wilson (SPEC FC)

3. Nick Wallis (SPEC FC)

4. Laurence Rosenthal (SPEC FC)

5. Doug Berlin (SPEC FC)

6. Ashley Burns (SPEC FC)

7. Josh Dagul (Brady Maccabi B)

8. Daniel Harrod (Brady Maccabi B)

9. Marc Hecht (SPEC FC)

10. Ashley Lawrence (SPEC FC)

11. Joey Glynne (Temple Fortune B)

Player: Laurence Rosenthal (SPEC FC)


Danny Caro's Division 3 TOTW: March 16

By Danny Caro, March 20, 2012

1. Darren Rolfe (UJIA)

2. Jamie Isenwater (North West Neasden C)

3. Gavin Sherman (UJIA)

4. Alex Seligman (UJIA)

5. Gavin Rhodes (UJIA)

6. Ashley Freeman (UJIA)

7. Max Kleinman (Catford & Bromley Maccabi)

8. Assi Avital (UJIA)

9. Oli Joseph (North West Neasden C)

10. Saul Conway (Shirley Park)

11. Jamie Sinai (Catford & Bromley Maccabi)


Danny Caro's Division 1 TOTW: March 16

By Danny Caro, March 20, 2012

1. Jake Doffman (Brixton Old Boys A)

2. Jonny Beilin (Oakwood)

3. Richie Caplin (Redbridge Jewish Care B)

4. Adam Levine (Oakwood)

5. Ilan Scorah (Oakwood)

6. Matt Gilbery (Temple Fortune A)

7. David Shamash (Norstar A)

8. Craig Pearl (Chigwell Athletic)

9. Dan Geey (Oakwood)

10. Michael Goldberg (Temple Fortune A)

11. Paul Walker (Temple Fortune A)


Danny Caro's Premier Division TOTW: March 16

By Danny Caro, March 20, 2012

1. Ed Bloom (FC Team A)

2. Motti Colman (Hendon United Sports Club A)

3. Jon Toby (FC Team A)

4. Zak Presky (Brady Maccabi A)

5. Pete Lazard (London Maccabi Lions A)

6. Josh Gordon (Brady Maccabi A)

7. Rafi Kon (Hendon United Sports Club A)

8. Jason Wood (FC Team A)

9. Richard Salmon (FC Team A)

10. Ollie Craig (London Maccabi Lions A)


Danny Caro's Team of the Week: March 16

By Danny Caro, March 20, 2012

1. ED BLOOM (FC Team A) - “commanding, great saves - helped the team when under pressure has to be the best Jewish keeper around at present - stunning performance”

2. GAVIN SHERMAN (UJIA) - a tower of strength in the shock win over Glenthorne B

3. ZAK PRESKY (Brady Maccabi A) - immense at the back against Neasden A


JC MSFL Goal of the Week: March 18

By Danny Caro, March 20, 2012

WINNER: - Ollie Craig (LM Lions A) - a goal of real quality. Captain Yoav Lebens fed the ball into the path of top-scorer Craig, who subsequently swiveled onto his right foot to crash the ball into the top right corner, leaving the goalkeeper firmly rooted to the spot



JC MSFL Top-scorers: March 16

By James Masters, March 19, 2012

26 – Craig Sandford (Glenthorne United B)

25 - Saul Conway (Shirley Park)

24 - Dan Hildebrand (Brady B - includes 7 for Faithfold)

22 - Jamie Kent (Brixton Old Boys - includes goals scored for Brixton B)

21 - Doron Weinstein (Redbridge Jewish Care C - includes one for B team)


Hammers to meet Brady in national semi-finals

By Danny Caro, March 19, 2012

Hendon United Sports Club A 8 Hyde Park Rovers 1

Hendon A boosted their treble hopes with a thumping 8-1 win over MJSL outfit Hyde Park Rovers in an afternoon kick-off at Hadley FC.

Doubles from Avidan Last, Ari Last, Yoav Kestenbaum plus one apiece from Josh Bentley and Dovid Korman set up a semi-final against Brady A.