Danny Caro's Division One TOTW: January 29

By Danny Caro, February 1, 2012

1. Jay Jaffa (Woodford Wanderers)

2. Rob Davidson (Oakwood)

3. Alex Norman (Chigwell Athletic)

4. Adam Levine (Oakwood)

5. Paul Lenchner (Chigwell Athletic)

6. Adam Poole (Woodford Wanderers)

7. Yoni Raeburn (NW Neasden B)

8. Craig Pearl (Chigwell Athletic)

9. Lloyd Becker (Chigwell Athletic)

10. Anthony Kintish (Oakwood)

11. Jonny Blain (NW Neasden B)


Rivals angry over Montana withdrawal

By Danny Caro, February 1, 2012

Following yesterday's news that Montana Boca United had withdrawn from Division One of the JC MSFL, several clubs have come forward to express frustration and disappointment at the timing and consequent changes to the league table, in what had been one of the most intriguing promotion races in years.



Danny Caro's Premier Division TOTW: January 29

By Danny Caro, January 31, 2012

1. David Fox (NW Neasden A)

2. Sam McCarthy (Redbridge Jewish Care A)

3. Brad Sharp (NW Neasden A)

4. Jake Gottlieb (NW Neasden A)

5. Adam Hakimi (Redbridge JC A)

6. Danny Hakimi (Redbridge JC A)

7. Josh Kennet (Redbridge JC A)

8. Gil Kestenbaum (North London Raiders B)

9. Paul Hakim (Brady Maccabi A)

10. Ben Ellis (NW Neasden A)

11. Lee Cash (NW Neasden A)


Danny Caro's Team of the Week: January 29

By Danny Caro, January 31, 2012

1. DECLAN GREEN (London Maccabi Lions B) - the young keeper is on top of his game right now. Impressed again against South Manchester. Two saves were described as "special". Two appearances in TOTW in three weeks should get the Maccabiah manager looking at him


Starlet Harrod joins Brady B

January 31, 2012

Division Four title challengers Brady B will be delighted with their recent piece of business in the closing hours of the January Transfer Window. As the window draws to a close, the club has just confirmed the signing of former Faithfold A starlet Daniel Harrod to a long-term deal.


Montana Boca United withdraw from Maccabi League

By Danny Caro, January 31, 2012

Montana Boca United have withdrawn from the Maccabi League due to an ageing squad and a shortage of players.

The decision was made following Sunday's 4-1 defeat against North West Neasden B with the team lying bottom of the Division One table.


JC Barry Goldstein Cup draw

By Danny Caro, January 31, 2012

The draw for the group stages of the JC Barry Goldstein Cup was made last night.

Shirley Park
FC Team B
North London Raiders C

Los Blancos
Athletico Finchley
Glenthorne B

Faithfold B
Temple Fortune B
Catford and Bromley

Blizzard Storm
North West Neasden C
Athletic Bilbaum


Peter Morrison Trophy quarter-final draw

By Danny Caro, January 30, 2012

South Manchester Sports 1st vs Manchester Maccabi 1st

Chigwell Athletic vs Oakwood

Redbridge Jewish Care A vs Hyde Park Rovers

Brady Maccabi A vs North West Neasden A

Ties scheduled to take place on February 19


JC MSFL Top-Scorers: January 29

By James Masters, January 30, 2012

Glenthorne United B joint-player-manager Craig Sandford remains out in front in the race for the JC MSFL Golden Boot.

22 - Craig Sandford (Glenthorne B)

20 - Saul Conway (Shirley Park), Dan Hildebrand (Brady B - includes 7 for Faithfold)

19 - Doron Weinstein (Redbridge Jewish Care C)

17 - Jamie Kent (Brixton), Terry Jeffries (Temple Fortune B)


Miller mistake sends Oakwood through

By James Masters, January 30, 2012

Oakwood 1 Leeds Maccabi 1st 0

Mark Miller secured his place on a DVD of goalkeeping bloopers after his shocking mistake cost Leeds Maccabi 1st a place in the quarter-finals of the Peter Morrison Trophy.

Keeper Miller inexplicably carried Brad Wine's harmless effort over the goal line to leave both sets of players in disbelief.