Northern team of the week nominations: April 1

By James Masters, April 2, 2012

Here are the nominations for Northern Team of the Week following the action on Sunday April 1.

Conor Rabbett (South Manchester SC 1st)
Gary Stewart (South Manchester SC 2nd)
Josh Samberg (Manchester Maccabi 1st)

Adam Tauber (Manchester Maccabi 1st)
Adam Green (Manchester Maccabi 1st)
Jordan Sherne (Leeds Maccabi 3rd)
Marc Collins (South Manchester SC 2nd)
Marcus Edge (Leeds Maccabi 1st)
Dan Ross (Leeds Maccabi 1st)
Dylan Sidle (Republic of Mancunia 1st)
Dan Ailion (Manchester Maccabi 1st)
Alex Lee (Manchester Maccabi 1st)

Michael Green (Manchester Maccabi 1st)
Louis Basso (Manchester Maccabi 1st)
Harvey Kaye (South Manchester SC 1st)
Daniel Taylor (Manchester Maccabi 2nd)
Daniel Rubinstein (Manchester Maccabi 2nd)
Gabriel Silva (Republic of Mancunia 2nd)
Ben Blackston (Republic of Mancunia 2nd)
Jake Bentwood (Manchester Maccabi 1st)
Alex Singer (Manchester Maccabi 1st)

Daniel Batton (Republic of Mancunia 1st)
Josh Bor (Broughton)
Max Rose (Manchester Maccabi 1st)
Adam Stevens (Manchester Maccabi 1st)

Sydney Fulda (Broughton)
Darryl Lee (South Manchester SC 1st)
Martin Simons (Manchester Maccabi 2nd)

Last updated: 4:41pm, April 2 2012