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Hammer honour

December 1, 2011

Ryan Braun has been named Most Valuable Player by the National League. Nicknamed The Hebrew Hammer, the Milwaukee Brewer player helped the team to their first title in almost 30 years.

Braun, who lives in Malibu, said: "I was obviously thrilled, excited.


I've had a ball, says Farmar

By Simon Griver, December 1, 2011

With the lockout ended, the NBA's two Jewish stars –Jordan Farmar and Omri Casspi - are relishing the start of the US basketball season, two months behind schedule.

New Jersey Nets guard Farmar has been playing for Maccabi Tel Aviv and another powerful performance last week saw him score 21 points as the Israelis beat Milan to go top of Euroleague Group Three.


Goodman in

December 1, 2011

Richard Goodman secured his place in the Great Britain and Northern Ireland team with a well executed second place in the European Cross Country Trials at Sefton Park in Liverpool.

Goodman was at the front of the field throughout the 6.7 km race before Jonathan Hay made a final burst to secure a narrow victory.

"I'm very pleased with my performance," said Goodman.


Sheldon stuns Haroldeans

By James Masters, December 1, 2011

Sheldon Lee blew the MJSL title race wide open after leading Manchester Maccabi 3rd to a thrilling 2-1 victory over leaders Haroldeans.

Lee's double strike was enough to put an end to the Merseysiders' nine-match winning streak and cut their lead at the top to six points.

Maccabi boss Steve Bentwood believes the addition of a few more experienced heads in his team selection was the key to hi


Cohen: now it's payback time

By Danny Caro, December 1, 2011

Neal Cohen has made the surprise transition from MSFL manager to referee in just a matter of months.

Over the years, Cohen was renowned for verbal attacks at the man in black but he is something of a reformed character these days, especially with the recent arrival of twin boys.


Gary Speed: He was a legend

By James Masters and Simon Griver, December 1, 2011

Gary Speed was "a legend and a hero", according to former Wales Under 21 star Joe Jacobson.

Shrewsbury defender Jacobson spent his childhood in awe of Speed's ability and was left shocked by his death on Sunday. Speed, who won the First Division title with Leeds made 85 appearances for Wales.


JC MSFL Matchday 14 preview

By Danny Caro, November 30, 2011

The Peter Morrison Trophy takes centre stage on Sunday with teams battling it out for a place in the first national round. Danny Caro looks ahead to all the action.



Danny Caro's Division Two TOTW: November 27

By Danny Caro, November 29, 2011

1. Arthur Caplan (Hendon United Sports Club B)

2. Nick Astaire (London Maccabi Lions B)

3. Ranaan Firmin (Redbridge Jewish Care C)

4. Max Saunders (Camden Park)

5. TBC

6. Nick Benson (Norstar B)

7. Joe Levy (Faithfold C)

8. Ben Portnoi (Faithfold C)

9. Motty Korman (Hendon Utd SC B)

10. Josh Toff (Camden Park)

11. James Gold (London Maccabi Lions B)


Danny Caro's Division One TOTW: November 27

By Danny Caro, November 29, 2011

1. Jake Doffman (Brixton Old Boys A)

2. Matt Gilbery (Temple Fortune A)

3. Sam Franks (Brixton Old Boys A)

4. Greg Lautman (Redbridge Jewish Care B)

5. Scot Kay (Redbridge Jewish Care B)

6. Rob Blackman (Brixton Old Boys A)

7. James Kaye (Brixton Old Boys A)

8. Jamie Cooper (Redbridge Jewish Care B)

9. Paul Walker (Temple Fortune A)


Danny Caro's Premier Division TOTW: November 27

By Danny Caro, November 29, 2011

1. Jon Morris (Southgate Harmen A)

2. Motti Colman (Hendon United Sports Club A)

3. Matt Leader (North London Raiders A)

4. Joel Berg (Redbridge Jewish Care A

5. Brad Frankel ((Redbridge Jewish Care A

6. Danny Cohen (Brady Maccabi A)

7. Josh Kennet (Redbridge Jewish Care A)

8. Josh Bentley (Hendon United Sports Club A)

9. Nicky Bord (Southgate Harmen A)