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Schwartz qualifies

By Brian Sacks, February 2, 2012

Pole vaulter Jillian Schwartz has qualified for the London Olympics.

Schwartz, who emigrated to Israel from America two years ago, cleared 4.52m to win the US Open indoor meet at Madison Square Garden, New York.

Sam Shindler-Glass, 15, came 23rd in the Under 17 Southern Cross Country Championships in Brighton.


JC MSFL Matchday 22 preview

By Danny Caro, February 2, 2012

There are some cracking games in store in what is scheduled to be a full programme of league action in the JC MSFL this weekend. Danny Caro looks ahead to all the action.

South Manchester Sports 1st vs Manchester Maccabi 1st
Chigwell Athletic vs Oakwood
Redbridge Jewish Care A vs Hyde Park Rovers
Brady Maccabi A vs North West Neasden A


Peters and Slavin appointed EMFT managers

By Danny Caro, February 1, 2012

Phil Peters and Jamie Slavin have been retained as managers for the Maccabi GB Open Football team competing at the forthcoming European Maccabi Football Trophy in Marseilles.

The Norstar duo will help the Maccabi GB's Open Football team defend the trophy at the end of April.


Danny Caro's Division 3 TOTW: January 29

By Danny Caro, February 1, 2012

1. Nick Rubin (Blizzard Storm)

2. Ryan Colet (Blizzard Storm)

3. Rob Freedman (Team JLGB)

4. Byron Watkins (Team JLGB)

5. Rob Silverman (Team JLGB)

6. Matt West (Team JLGB)

7. Stuart Muller (Blizzard Storm)

8. Gideon Gold (Shirley Park)

9. Mike Marks (Team JLGB)

10. James Lester (Team JLGB)

11. Oli Joseph (Blizzard Storm)

Player: Rob Freedman (Team JLGB)


Montana memories

By Danny Caro, February 1, 2012

Tributes have been flooding in from players and managers past and present following the demise of Montana Boca United.



Danny Caro's Division Four TOTW: January 29

By Danny Caro, February 1, 2012

1. Mike Myers (FC Team C)

2. Nick Wallis (SPEC FC)

3. Jonny Meltzer (Brady B)

4. Laurence Rosenthal (SPEC FC)

5. Anton Nyman (Boca Jewniors)

6. Josh Greibach (SPEC FC)

7. Ricky Lawrence (SPEC FC)

8. Aron Taylor (Jewventus)

9. Edward Green (Athletic Bilbaum)

10. Daniel Pike (SPEC FC)

11. Nigel Sommeck (Jewventus)

Player: Daniel Pike (SPEC FC)


Danny Caro's Division Two TOTW: January 29

By Danny Caro, February 1, 2012

1. Nicky Rosenthal (Hendon Utd SC B)

2. Greg Meller (Camden Park)

3. Joel Ruben (London Maccabi Lions B)

4. Mike Khalastchi (Camden Park)

5. Parys Hammond (Hendon Utd SC B)

6. Paul Biller (Glenthorne United A)

7. Adam Seres (Norstar B)

8. Matty Kleinman (Faithfold B)

9. Dan Stock (Faithfold B)

10. Dan Baneth (Camden Park)

11. Josh Toff (Camden Park)


Danny Caro's Division One TOTW: January 29

By Danny Caro, February 1, 2012

1. Jay Jaffa (Woodford Wanderers)

2. Rob Davidson (Oakwood)

3. Alex Norman (Chigwell Athletic)

4. Adam Levine (Oakwood)

5. Paul Lenchner (Chigwell Athletic)

6. Adam Poole (Woodford Wanderers)

7. Yoni Raeburn (NW Neasden B)

8. Craig Pearl (Chigwell Athletic)

9. Lloyd Becker (Chigwell Athletic)

10. Anthony Kintish (Oakwood)

11. Jonny Blain (NW Neasden B)


Rivals angry over Montana withdrawal

By Danny Caro, February 1, 2012

Following yesterday's news that Montana Boca United had withdrawn from Division One of the JC MSFL, several clubs have come forward to express frustration and disappointment at the timing and consequent changes to the league table, in what had been one of the most intriguing promotion races in years.



Danny Caro's Premier Division TOTW: January 29

By Danny Caro, January 31, 2012

1. David Fox (NW Neasden A)

2. Sam McCarthy (Redbridge Jewish Care A)

3. Brad Sharp (NW Neasden A)

4. Jake Gottlieb (NW Neasden A)

5. Adam Hakimi (Redbridge JC A)

6. Danny Hakimi (Redbridge JC A)

7. Josh Kennet (Redbridge JC A)

8. Gil Kestenbaum (North London Raiders B)

9. Paul Hakim (Brady Maccabi A)

10. Ben Ellis (NW Neasden A)

11. Lee Cash (NW Neasden A)