Youth league is facing the axe

January 22, 2009

Update: Laurence Thorne, chairman of the Maccabi Primary League, contacted The JC on Thursday morning to say that an MSPFL executive management meeting is planned for Monday where they intend to further discuss the way forward for Junior Jewish football from the start of next season.

The Association of Jewish Youth (AJY) Football League is set to fold after chairman George Dorling and his wife, Louise, the general secretary, told teams they will stand down at the end of the season. The couple made their intentions clear at Tuesday’s league meeting, issuing a statement. “After many years of committed and dedicated work within, firstly the AJY as a whole, and latterly the Football League, it is with regret that we will be stepping down. We will not be accepting entries into the AJY League in the future. In effect it will cease.” Mr Dorling said that the decision was taken “due to the number of teams and clubs declining steadily in recent years, making some age groups completely non-viable.” He also cited the fact that “ever more Jewish teams are participating in non-Jewish leagues and others are declining through lack of commitment from players and adults. “The new and necessary restrictions due to Child Welfare issues mean that it is increasingly demanding of adults to administer teams and the formation of new clubs has seriously dwindled.” Mr Dorling confirmed that the current season will be concluded as usual and an awards evening held to honour all players and team officials. He said: “The 31 teams involved in the league were informed this week to enable them to join suitable leagues next season.”

Last updated: 1:29pm, January 26 2009