Olympic call-up for boxer Laura Saperstein

August 20, 2009
Laura Saperstein

Laura Saperstein

Laura Saperstein believes that the decision to allow women’s boxing at the 2012 Olympics will give the sport a major boost.

Saperstein, 37, is not allowed to compete at the London Games as she is a professional but she hopes to play a leading role behind the microphone as a commentator.

“It will bring a lot of attention to the sport,” Saperstein said. “I’m pretty sure that if I was in line then I’d be going so I’m slightly rueful of the timing.

“There is no doubt in my mind that this will change attitudes about women’s boxing 100 per cent.

“Everything has changed in three years and I believe that we will see a lot more progress made between now and 2012 with a lot of amateur competitions in the run-up to the Olympics.”

Under a new promoter, Saperstein has been offered a world title fight in Germany in January.

Last updated: 5:01pm, August 20 2009