No sweat for Gaby

By Danny Caro, April 25, 2008

Gaby Rosenthal claimed a personal best at the recent Flora London race, finishing in 2:54 — and she didn’t even train for it .

Her time saw her finish fourth in the non-elite race and she expects to raise in excess of £8,000 for Auditory Verbal UK.

The 33-year-old personal trainer will be the envy of the field in the circumstances, finishing 686, out of 36,000 participants.

Rosenthal, who has run the London and New York races once before, said: “The most amazing thing was that I didn’t have a single ache or pain the next day.”

Nicholas Roseborne (4:10) raised £9,000 for Children with Leukemia. He ran for the charity because his youngest brother, Jake, was diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia four years and underwent a Stem Cell Transplant in January.

He said: “I wanted to raise money for a charity that is working so hard to eradicate a deadly disease that is affecting the next generation.”

Last updated: 3:16pm, April 24 2008