Moss’s learning curve

By Craig Silver, October 2, 2008

Rising star Alex Moss is making a name for himself at Watford. Moss was spotted whilst he was playing for Woodside Park in the AJY.

An avid Manchester United fan, the midfielder joined Watford two years ago and was selected to join the club's new Harefield academy. The academy is run like a normal school but provides training sessions three times more then any other club in the country. One of the classes sees Moss take part in ballet lessons to improve flexibility and subtleness.

The youngster played at Charlton and Spurs before his move to the Hornets, but his father, Andrew, firmly believes that Watford is the best club in the country to help nurture his son's footballing talent. He said: "I think with Alex attending the academy, it is going to make a big difference to his education and improve his ability as a player because of the huge amount of training he will receive.

"If you look at English football, there are so many foreigners and barely any home-grown players. It's fair to say that the standard of English players is not what it should be, especially if you look at the England set-up.

"But if more clubs adopt this kind of initiative, then hopefully things will start to change and more academies will open."

Alex turns 13 this week and will be flying to Israel with his family for his barmitzvah. His father has promised to keep Alex in shape "with training on the beach.

Last updated: 5:13pm, October 2 2008