Mosley's not welcome

By Simon Griver, May 2, 2008

Ghaleb Majadle, Israel’s Minister of Sport, has withdrawn an invitation to FIA President Max Mosley to visit the country after informing the organisation that he would not be welcome.

Dotan Olivier, spokesman for Israel’s Minister of Sport, insisted that Mr Majadle had made an innocent mistake. “Mr. Majadle was attending the Jordan Rally and was officially introduced to the President of the FIA. Without knowing about his background, he invited him to Israel to see how we are developing motor racing as a new sports branch.

“In addition to recent allegations by the News of the World regarding Mosely’s involvement in a sexual orgy on a Nazi concentration camp theme, the IFA President would have been persona non grata in Israel as the son of British fascist leader Sir Oswald Mosely.

Last updated: 4:10pm, May 7 2008