Chai's five impress

May 2, 2008

Chai runner Glenda Aussenberg (7:50) raised £23,000 at the recent London Marathon. Chai’s other runners were: Joseph Nathan (3:53), David Barry, Richard Laikin (5:00), Tony Glazer (4:25).

Lloyd Rakusen (4:39) and son Phil (4:34), along with novice runner Sarah Greenlees (5:04) raised £8,000 for the Leeds Jewish Welfare Board.

Physiotherapist Abigail Pinnick (4:12) and Benjamin Berenblut (4:25) ran for Maccabi GB, in partnership with UJIA. Nick Tiller (3:35) raised £2,000 for Cancer Research UK. Grant Sulkin (4:30) raised £5,000 for the Philip Green
Memorial Trust.

Natasha Sims (4:53), ran in memory of her mum Loretta Mensh, and raised £5,456 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Last updated: 4:07pm, May 7 2008