Danny Caro's Prem Div TOTW: January 18

By Danny Caro, January 15, 2013

Here are the stand-out top-flight performers from Matchday 18 of the JC MSFL.

1. Dave GROSSMAN (FC Team A) - had a great game against Lions after agreeing to stand-in in goal

2. Matt PERLMAN (London Maccabi Lions A) - "- exceptional in his defensive duties, nod outstanding going forward"

3. Josh MORRIS (North London Raiders A) - "had an excellent game” against in-form Brady. He was well aware of the threat posed but Brady down their left, but he dealt with everything thrown at him throughout the 90 minutes"

4. Rik SHERMAN (North London Raiders A) - "led by example and can be very proud of his morning’s work

5. Dan GROSSMAN (North London Raiders A) - "led by example and can be very proud of his morning’s work

6. Sam REEVES (Faithfold A) - an old name played like a new man in the famous green and white hoops

7. Aviel SCHWARZ (London Maccabi Lions A) - "- the old maestro put in a superb performance, and continues to amaze his younger teammates

8. Ari LAST (Hendon United Sports Club A) - "showed all his experience to control the midfield area against some good skilful Brixton youngsters"

9. Dan ABRAMS (Oakwood A) - capped a glorious performance against SPEC FC in the cup with a quality double

10. Lee CASH (London Maccabi Lions A) - continues to show his class and hunger, he is a clinical finisher with all four goals against FC Team A

11. Alex KAYE (Faithfold A) - "the stand-out performer as the Superhoops booked their place in round four of the London FA Sunday Intermediate Cup"

Player: Lee Cash (London Maccabi Lions A)

Manager: Rob Richman (North London Raiders A)

Goal: Dan Ash (Oakwood A)

Save: Dan Lee (Redbridge JC A)

Last updated: 10:12am, January 16 2013