MSFL Quote of the Week: January 13

By Danny Caro, January 15, 2013

Although tempers frayed on some of the touchlines across the league, it was good to hear FC Team's David Gordon keep his cool and come up with this pearler in honour of goal king Freddie Marks.

WINNER: - David Gordon (FC Team B)- "Freddie Marks was Berbatov like yesterday, with his twinkle toes and assured finishing. We're already making a "Keep Calm and Pass to Freddie" t-shirt for next week!"


- Ian Tussie (Oakwood B) - "t was a great win for us on a truly appalling pitch, boggy, on a slope, just a mudbath, the sort of pitch suiting our northern heritage"

- David Garbacz (Hendon A) - "Brixton have a number of good young talented players but for me the one who shone above all the youth was the experience of Ari Last who slowly but surely grabbed control of a congested midfield and was the inspiration behind our win"

- Phil Peters (Norstar A) - Redbridge played some decent football and the movement of their front two will cause any defence a lot of trouble - please god they've retired by the next time we play them!"

- Eilon Kennet (Redbridge JC A) - "It's a pity, Phil's assistant, who ran the line, spoiled the game by flagging every single attack offside. The most generous comment I can make, is that he may not fully understand the offside rule"

- Jamie Slavin (Norstar A) - "It's often a wonder what motivates managers and assistants to stand on the touchline on freezing Sunday mornings in January. Luckily my motivation is interacting with complete plonkers and so it was a pleasure to be accused of cheating by Redbridge's answer to Avram Grant on Sunday"

- Josh Dagul (Brady B) - "It's important that we keep in good form and winning games, regardless of whether its ugly or stylish, if we want to win this league and I believe we can do so"

- David Prager (L'Equipe) - "Our defensive performance was absolutely first-class; we could have carried on playing for a week and not conceded"

Last updated: 12:27pm, January 15 2013