JC MSFL rumour mill: January 11

By Danny Caro, January 11, 2013

Find out the latest gossip from the MSFL changing rooms across the league.

London Lions aborted an audacious bid to try and sign Israel defender Tal Ben Haim following his move to QPR on loan. Speaking out of his car window in the Rowley Lane car park, Lions boss Tony Gold told JC Sport: “’Arry has been doing this longer than I have.”

SPEC FC will offer Ashley Burns a new three-year deal following his excellent form this season.

Oakwood B manager Ian Tussie is considering writing his first book called How I tickled the MSFL with my tongue.

With baby Ellis due at any moment, Brady boss Joel Nathan has offered Jonny Ellis a personal chauffeur to ensure he makes Sunday’s match against North London Raiders.

New Hendon fan Dave Nadler has complained about the team’s excessive ticket prices. Nadler’s son, Alex, recently joined the MSFL champions and Nadler snr is unhappy about the recent price hike on top of his travel costs. A source close to Nadler snr has told JC Sport he “doesn’t always get value for money”.

Jewventus manager Gabriel John has warned some of his players that they need to shape up or face being shipped out this summer.

Boca Jewniors boss Jamie Weinrich has ordered his players to stay off the schwarmas after several failed bleep tests at the first post-Chanuakah training session.

North London Raiders' hopes of signing forward Jonathan Green have suffered a blow after his agent said he expected him to stay with Brady Maccabi.

Redbridge Jewish Care chairman Jon Jacobs wants his scouts to make the most of the wealth of emerging talent on their own doorstep.

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Last updated: 1:35pm, January 11 2013