Danny Caro's Quote of the Week: January 6

By Danny Caro, January 8, 2013

There were some classic comments from the JC MSFL dugout this week, but this pearler from the Oakwood B boss really tickled me.

WINNER: - - Ian Tussie (Oakwood B) - QUOTE 1 - "Warwick Blake is the best ref we have by a mile and he'll always explain his decision (plus he's 6ft-plus, Scottish and could probably snap me in half - so Im not complaining



- Ian Tussie (Oakwood B) - QUOTE 2 - "We should have killed the game off, instead once it's went 2-1 we were on shplikies and made mistakes what cost us"

- David Garson (Faithfold C) - "Stefan Simons took his goals well for someone that looks so tired and unfit!"

- Andy Landesberg (Lions A) - QUOTE 1 - "Never under-estimate a Lions team, especially when they look like they could be weak"

- Andy Landesberg (Lions A) - QUOTE 2 - II just wish I was 20 years younger, I'll be 55 (fifty five) on Saturday. I love this team, I love the players and I love this Club"

- David Garbacz (Hendon A) - "We carried on where we finished off at the end of last year and at the same time broke the Redbridge curse that has haunted us for the past couple of years and boy did it feel good"

- A Woodford source - "The game almost sent two Woodford players into retirement after pictures appeared on Facebook of them hanging up their boots. Before chairman and manager convinced them to rethink the decision mainly due to them not getting a refund on subs"

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