Maccabi Masters Cup draws: December 12

By Danny Caro, December 12, 2012

Cup holders Brady A were handed a bye, while tie of the round in the Henry Swerner Cup competition sees London Maccabi Lions host last season's runners-up Glenthorne A.


Preliminary Round
London Maccabi Lions vs Glenthorne United A
South Mancunians vs Marshside
Southgate Harmen vs North London Raiders
Scrabble vs EDRS Stonegrove

[Byes: Brady A, Waldaf Town, St John’s Wood Tigers, Hendon Harriers.]

Waldaf Town vs (Winners of Southgate Harmen v NL Raiders)
(Winners of Scrabble v EDRS) vs (Winners of Lions v Glenthorne A)
(Winners of S Mancs v Marshside) vs Hendon Harriers
St John’s Wood Tigers vs Brady Maccabi A

NATHAN HORWITZ CUP (for Division 2 teams)

Preliminary Round
St John’s Wood Tigers vs London Maccabi Lions
Temple Fortune vs Glenthorne United C
[Byes: Ashlodge, Brady B, EDRS, Glenthorne B, Hendon, Marshside.]

Marshside vs Hendon Harriers
Glenthorne United B vs (Winners of SJW Tigers v Lions)
(Winners of T Fortune v Glenthorne C) vs Ashlodge
Brady Maccabi B vs EDRS Stonegrove

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