Danny Caro's Quote of the Week: December 9

By Danny Caro, December 11, 2012

People have predominantly been talking about one thing. No, not the Manchester derby, or even the Cazorla dive, but that strike by Julian Gertner. I received three separate nominations from club representatives and a player, and no doubt the debate will rumble until we all gather around the Friday night dinner table.

WINNER - Joel Minsky (Los Blancos) - "The question isn't so much if this is goal of the week, but more if it's goal of the season. The tekkers on display were most certainly of the unbelievable variety" describing Jules Gertner's last-ditch winner at Neasden B



- Adam Hersh (Los Blancos) - "It would be replayed over and over on Sky Sports News had it been in the Prem" also waxing lyrical about THAT Gertner strike

- Jonny Blain (Raiders B) - "I've played MSFL for 16 years and have never seen a save like it. Turned round in mid-air and still had the strength to tip it round the post" about THAT Kemp save

- Phil Peters (Norstar A) - "about time too" after his team claimed their first-ever Premier victory

- Mark Pasha (Athletic Bilbaum) - "Huge shout out to Josh 'Monster Munch' Magidson who netted his first for the Baums after 2,390 minutes of football ... that's about 40 straight hours days of sweat and blood for the Baum cause. Klinsmann would have been proud of his celebratory flop"

- Dave Lusman (Shirley Park) - "and thanks Ben 'salad man' for mentioning my own goal ... cracking finish, I forgot about that one!"

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