Danny Caro's Division 1 TOTW: October 21

By Danny Caro, October 23, 2012

There were some stand-out performances on Matchday 8 of the JC MSFL season.

1. Elliott Gold (Woodford Wanderers)

2. Adam Shafron (Glenthorne United A)

3. Daniel Castle (Chigwell Athletic)

4. Cameron Most (London Maccabi Lions B)

5. Jack Schofield (Temple Fortune A)

6. Avi Kon (Temple Fortune A)

7. Harrison Midda (Woodford Wanderers)

8. Max Kyte (London Maccabi Lions B)

9. Daniel Lassman (Glenthorne United A)

10. Michael Goldberg (Temple Fortune A)

11. RA Noe (Hendon United Sports Club B)


Player: Sam Rosenthal (Glenthorne United A)

Manager: Sam Rosenthal (Glenthorne United A)

Goal: Daniel Lassman (Glenthorne United A)

Save: Jordan Davidson (Glenthorne United A)

Last updated: 1:38pm, October 23 2012