Danny Caro's Division 3 TOTW: October 14

By Danny Caro, October 16, 2012

The efforts of players from AC Mill Hill, Tottenham Chutspah and FC Team C earned nods of approval from the JC's panel of judges.

1. James Grabiner (AC Mill Hill)

2. Loz Bloom (AC Mill Hill)

3. Adam Ben Harosh (Tottenham Chutspah)

4. Zach Collins (Tottenham Chutspah)

5. Zach Perez Tottenham Chutspah)

6. Dave Sherman (Faithfold C)

7. Rob Sanford (FC Team C)

8. Richard Alexander (L’Equipe)

9. David Joseph Cohen (FC Team C)

10. Jono Gaon (Tottenham Chutspah)

11. Adam Aminoff (FC Team C)

Player: Rob Sanford (FC Team C)

Manager: Ben Gilbey & Michael Myers (FC Team C)

Goal: David Domb (Norstar C)

Last updated: 4:31pm, October 16 2012