Super Sanford inspires FC Team C

By Danny Caro, October 15, 2012


FC Team C boosted their title hopes with a thrilling victory over fellow high-flyers Oakwood B at Parmiters.

With Oakwood topping the table Team were after nothing less than 3 points. However, Oakwood had other ideas.

With FC Team being slow out the blocks in recent weeks, Oakwood were ready to capitalise. It was just moments after kick-off that Mike Myers was already picking the ball out of his own net. After all that was said pre-match, joint-manager Ben Gilbey was left fuming on the sidelines.

Oakwood's goals came through Ben Polak and Rafi Bloom. Polak's goal in particular was excellent and indicative of the football Oakwood are capable of playing.

While Oakwood came firing out the blocks, Team were still recovering from the night before and before they knew it were 2-0 down. What seemed like an already miserable start had just got that much worse.

Oakwood continued to dominate and something drastic needed to change. Thirty minutes in and Team decided to turn up.
It took time for the goal machine David Joseph Cohen to tie up his shooting boots but as always he put his name on the scoresheet. With some neat play at the by-line between Aminoff and David James Cohen, they managed to drag the whole Oakwood defence out of position. David Joseph Cohen was waiting patiently on the penalty spot awaiting the drag back. The drag back came he slotted it coolly into the back of the net.

As the half time whistle approached Team were on top. Although a goal down, Team were dominating and a very positive teamtalk was approaching. However, Team were punished by another free kick, this time from Ben Myers to take Oakwood 3-1 up.

Heads were down at the Team's half-time teamtalk. However one man changed the mood - possibly the most passionate man ever to be seen on the sidelines – one Benjamin Gilbey. While the oranges were absent, Gilbey was present. An encouraging, motivational and somewhat inspiring teamtalk is just what Team needed. Something believed to have been passed down from Nigel Gilbey during his managerial days.

FC Team were out on the pitch early and awaited the onslaught. However, there was to be no onslaught. Rob Sandford shifted into gear - winning every header in the midfield. Jamie Cooper decided to show up and starting terrorising the right-back and trusty David Joseph Cohen even tightened his shooting boots again. This half was Team’s half. No sloppy football, challenging every ball and fighting for the supporters in the crowd.

It was not long until David Joseph Cohen ran on to a ball that had come free in the box. Without a second thought the curly-haired goal machine smashed the ball home for what was his second of the game.

Confidence was back but the boys in yellow and blue were still a goal down. Dominating every inch of the field even Team's right-back, Jacob Symons, was pulling out some skills for the boys. Crosses, shots, corners were piled onto the Oakwood goalkeeper.

The clock hit 70 minutes and David James Cohen decided to rock up and take a free-kick. With his lime green boots and three pairs of socks he delicately placed the ball down for an extremely awkwardly placed free kick. With what might as well have been a corner David James Cohen superbly lifted the ball and curled it perfectly towards the back post. Desperate to bring the game level centre-back Oliver Senchal ploughed his way towards the back post. With all his might, he rose like a salmon and brutally re-directed the ball into the back of the net. The equalising goal sent the crowd wild. From what was a particularly unthreatening free-kick Team have Senchal to thank for bringing the game level at 3-3.

There were now 20 minutes left on the clock and Team were on top. Captain fantastic Jamie Breslaw was keeping it tight at the back and with the fresh legs of Nicky Sugarman, Avi Nejad and Samuel L Collins, now at full-back, the back line was nearly as strong as ever.

The game was coming to a close and Team were dominating; Myers had nothing to do in the Team net, while his opposite number was being kept very occupied.

Team were gifted another corner and wanted to make this one count. Team got the big men forward. Rothman placed on the edge waiting for the spills, Nejad on the front post and Senchal looking for his second at the back. The ball was floated in and who was there to meet the ball …? All 6ft 5 of him. Powering home his first goal of the season, Rob Sandford set Aycliffe alight! Team had pulled it out the bag.

Oakwood boss Ian Tussie told JC Sport: "FC Team played well and had their tales up in the second half but our lack of discipline and composure cost us in the end.

"They caused us problems throughout and their strikers Lurch Lobbus with his height and immobility and the one with frizzy hair both growing into the game.

"I was disappointed with the conduct of some of my players during and after the game and I believe that this was the main factor in us allowing them back in. I didn't take this job to have to break up fights in the car park.

"At half time the boys were already packing away their tallis bags and waiting for the kiddish and unfortunately forgot we had more laning to do. They're a good team though and I wish them good luck for the rest of the season."

A thrilling game between two top teams, FC Team face AC Mill Hill next week and hope to continue our brilliant home form and cement our position as the ones to watch in this division.

Man-of-the-match: Rob Sandford (CM)

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