Season 2012/13 preview: SPEC FC

By Danny Caro, August 24, 2012

SPEC FC were delighted to go up after an excellent first season in the JC MSFL. Here, James Lesner tells Danny Caro why they have high hopes for the campaign.

Competitions Entered: MSFL Division 2, Peter Morrison Cup and Cyril Anekstein Trophy. We will also be competing in the Barry Goldstein Trophy in the unlikely event it takes place.

Hopes for the season: Ambitions: Promotion, playing attractive football along the way. The main aim though has to be to improve goal celebrations. If there were a few more Facundo Sava impersonators in the MSFL you can’t help but feel the world will be a better place. We’re talking backflips, imaginary golf shots, rocking the baby and Ketsbaia-ing the living daylights out of advertising boards… the works.

Which team/s in your division do you think pose the biggest threat? Glenthorne B looked strong last year and we know Brady B very well from last season. Whilst we respect both, we fear neither.

New signings: Dan Henig, Nick Berman, Dan Amram, Michael Mirelman, Jonny Isbitt and Anthony Hayman add undoubted quality, all having played at a higher level.

Dan Henig has a plethora of dance moves ready to come out when the ball hits the net so keep an eye out for him. His partner in crime Dan Amram adds a competiton up front too.

Is the squad complete? We'll answer your question with another question.... Are Ant and Dec brilliant? (YES)

Captain: Ashley Burns. Inspirational last season but has gone missing in pre-season. Reportedly on a DIY binge having been spotted in several furniture stores, the SPEC management team have called an emergency meeting to get him to concentrate less on choosing blinds, and more on playing blinders; It's widely thought that if gaffa Conway can get him thinking about counter-attacks rather than counter tops then he'll be able to bag double figures in goals again. There's a long way to go but ....sofa so good.

Ones to watch and why?

Elliott Wallis – Having this man back from injury is better than a new signing. Midfielders throughout the MSFL will be frantically shopping for new shinpads upon hearing the news of his return.

Nick Berman. The all action midfielder is going to be a major asset for the Bananas this year. Brady fans have been spotted in butchers throughout North-West London buying pigs heads ready to throw at him.

Isaac Lawrence – SPEC’s very own Freddy Adu. He will be carrying a lot of responsibility on such young shoulders but this could be his breakthrough year.

Home Ground: University of Herts (Hatfield) – AKA the ‘Cinderella Hairena” AKA the Cauldron of noise.

Sponsors: Cinderella Hair – top quality pre-bonded, 100% human hair extensions. Co-owned by Nick Wallis's biological father, Jeremy Lawrence and modelled exclusively by Adam Wilson.

Elmar Printers - The brainchild of Club Chairman Stuart Burns. In case you were wondering, Elmar cater for a range of clients which range from small business people who want a simple business card or writing pad to global institutions producing large volumes of company brochures.

What will your team bring to the league? Our ultimate strength is our style of play. The Tiki-taka style we’ve adopted revolving around roaming movement and positional interchange amongst midfielders moving the ball in intricate patterns and sharp one or two touch passing means we are a force to be reckoned with. Yes Marc Hecht will be vital, but if James Segal can adapt to his new ‘very false 9’ role then we will be a match for anyone.

Elsewhere; Unity, banana power and Laurence Conway’s mind games remain paramount to success.

Last updated: 8:09pm, August 24 2012