Israel can't wait for Games to start, says Zinger

By Danny Caro, July 26, 2012

Efraim Zinger believes that Israeli athletes will have the experience of a lifetime when they set foot in the Olympic Stadium for tonight’s opening ceremony in Stratford.

Zinger said: “We’re all very excited about the opening ceremony. It has a very special and unique energy.”

The Secretary General of the Olympic Committee of Israel has been helping put the final touches to the squad’s push for medals ahead of what will be his fifth Olympics.

He said: “Speaking from experience, when you enter the stadium you feel like you are flying, with the crowd and music around you, knowing the world is watching you. It’s a great feeling.”

Zinger was on hand to greet the 37-man delegation that arrived from training camps across Europe this week.

Israel’s swimming, tennis and badminton squads were first to arrive and Zinger says they were impressed by facilities in and around the Olympic Village.

“There is a special atmosphere,” he said. “It doesn’t matter where you come from. The atmosphere is almost utopic. The message is quite simple. We have 37 athletes with us. The best. Each one wants gold and are striving for new records and we’re sure all Israelis and Jews will support them.

"The venues look fantastic, as does the Olympic Village. There are lots of green areas and places to mingle."

Last updated: 5:51pm, July 26 2012