Goldberg: I’m staying with Fortune

By Danny Caro, July 26, 2012

Michael Goldberg is keen to put an end to speculation over his JC MSFL future after committing himself to Temple Fortune.

The attacking midfield is on the shopping list of several Maccabi League teams, and when he played in recent friendlies for Boca Jewniors, there were fears in the Fortune camp that he could be set to depart.

Goldberg told JC Sport: “I’ve had a lot of people asking me about my future over the last week or so. The answer to that is short and sweet. No.”

Commenting on rumours linking him with Boca, Goldberg went on to say: “I've known Sefton Monk for a very long time, so when he was short of players for his pre-season friendlies I jumped at the opportunity to play a match and after a very good performance Sefton asked me back to play another two friendlies, which I agreed to do.

“Sefton and a few players made their intentions clear that they wanted to sign me for next season and I would be lying if I said the challenge didn't tempt me, but with all due respect to Sefton and Boca, there is a big gap between themselves and Temple Fortune A.

“Boca are a great bunch of lads and I'm convinced that they will show a massive improvement from last season and I wish them the best of luck. But I won't be part it.

“I have also been in contact with Phil Peters of Norstar A, but decided against a summer move there and, for a third year in a row having Rob Blackman of Brixton A, who has been trying to persuade me to join them, but I don't think I could ever see myself playing for Brixton.

“To put the record straight, this season I am totally committed to Fortune. Lee Fegan and I have a good relationship and he and the whole management team put in a huge effort to make every week better than the last.

“This season we have an ex-Arsenal coach taking training sessions which will only make us better.

“We have a great bunch of lads and hopefully have a few decent signings up our sleeves to add to that.

“I'm sure if you ask any Fortune player about last season, they will respond saying something along the lines of it being “a very dissppointing season”.

“A lot of our players haven’t stopped playing football over the summer and now it’s a new season.

“I really wont be surprised if you see us up there challenging for the title.”

Last updated: 12:50pm, July 26 2012