Ever-improving Boca Jewniors denied late on

July 19, 2012

Boca are ever improving and nearly walked away with the win Wednesday night against a strong Faithfold C outfit.

Having beaten a joint-Norstar team three days earlier, Boca went into the game on a high. Two goals from Michael Goldberg, described by one Boca insider as 'the Jewish Messi', put them in a strong position, only for a last-gasp 30-yard to break their hearts.

Boca manager Sefton Monk was feeling low as he saw his side dominating the game for 90 minutes, only for one moment of magic to stop his men from maintaining a 100 per cent record in pre-season.

Monk went on to say: "We played brilliantly and tonight was about showing the league to watch out for us this season. We made an outfit from last season's Division Two (two divisions above) look average, and we plan to take our division by storm this year.

"We also entertained with their own unique style of total football while also keeping the ball for large parts of the game. This gave onlookers great and attractive football to watch and will add something new and attractive to the MSFL next season.

Last updated: 5:35pm, July 19 2012